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Anxiety and anxiety disorders do not discriminate — and neither do we. Our clinicians offer highly effective therapy for children and families from all walks of life. We do not turn anyone away based on age, race, gender or ability to pay.

In fact, we want to involve as much of the family as possible because we believe that a child's family is the child's greatest asset. Families are the most important factor in maintaining positive change in children and teens. Through our systemic, collaborative approach, we partner with families to transform the lives of children and adolescents suffering from anxiety.

To accomplish this transformation, our therapists use a combination of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and family therapy. We have multiple goals:

  • to help children develop skills to cope with a variety of anxiety issues
  • to support parents in strengthening and maintaining a family environment that nurtures all members of the family
  • to create a trusting partnership among all family members

This partnership ultimately helps children to overcome anxiety so they can thrive at home, at school and beyond.

Our therapy staff includes Northwestern graduate students and post-graduate fellows who are passionate about working with children and adolescents. Benjamin Rosen, Ph.D. serves as director of the CBT/Child Anxiety Clinic and supervises our therapists-in-training throughout the process. 

For more information, call 847-733-4300.