Membership Benefits

The Alumni Association serves all alumni who have graduated from or have a certificate from The Family Institute's professional training/education programs, including those conducted at The Family Institute of Chicago, the Center for Family Studies (Northwestern Memorial Hospital), School of Education & Social Policy's Counseling Psychology PhD or MA program (Northwestern University), and the Center for Applied Psychological and Family Studies (Northwestern University).

The Alumni Association strives to foster lifelong relations between The Family Institute and its alumni.  The Association promotes a spirit of loyalty and camaraderie among graduates, students and friends while encouraging alumni to maintain involvement in activities of the Institute and to support the Institute‚Äôs work through financial and volunteer contributions.  The Association provides service to the alumni, service to The Family Institute and service to the students.

As a member, you receive the following benefits:

  • Professional Education CEUs - Alumni Association members receive discounts on fees for all continued education programs conducted by The Family Institute, including conferences, master classes and professional workshops.
  • Networking Opportunities - Alumni Association members will be invited to networking and social events where you can meet fellow alumni and other professionals.
  • Alumni Association Meetings - All members are invited to attend Alumni Advisory Board meetings and the Annual Meeting of the Alumni Association where you can network, meet other alumni and vote on the Alumni Advisory Board members.
  • Newsletter - Members of the Alumni Association receive The Family Institute newsletter, which provides information on the Association and Institute programs.
  • Practice Directory - Offered as a premium benefit, alumni are listed in the directory for a yearly membership contribution.