Privacy Policy for Students and Applicants

All personal student and applicant information is handled with confidentiality. Application information and essays are contained in the education office in a secured cabinet. Core faculty and administrative personnel review the information that applicants disclose in their essays only. The transcript contents may be discussed with The Graduate School in order to consult on appropriateness. The materials are not released to anyone without the applicant’s permission unless mandated by a court order.

Students' grades are submitted to and stored by the Office of the Registrar. Grades and transcripts are confidential and can only be released with the student’s permission. The application files are kept until the student enters the Program, or is denied entry. Application files for students who were denied are destroyed after two (2) years. For the students accepted into the program, a student file is created upon their admission. The student file includes a transcript, documentation of the basis for admission and documentation of the student's progress (including the number of client contact and supervision hours accrued). This file is securely stored in the program manager’s office. The student is allowed access to this file at any time. No information from this file is released without the student’s permission unless mandated by a court order.