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Adults experiencing the pain of parental divorce

As more couples divorce at mid-life or beyond, adult children of divorce represent a significant and growing segment of the population.

The 5:1 Ratio

Many of us have it backwards. With our kids, we emphasize talking rather than listening. We believe that good parenting means explaining, reminding, correcting, admonishing, instructing — it's no wonder a lot more words come out of our mouths than theirs. In time, all our gab tends to turn them off. By adolescence, many tune us out.

Putting It on the Radar for Families

This article will provide a description of problem gambling, its impact on couple and family relationships, and current family based treatment options. The goal is to raise awareness about problem gambling, and provide families with resources if they are concerned about their own or a family member’s gambling behavior.

With our increasingly "plugged in" lifestyles, the ubiquitous availability of entertainment, and the trend to over-schedule the kids, something's gotta give. Too often, it's sleep — our own and our childrens'.

Rally 'Round the Meal

If the thought of adolescence is enough to turn your stomach, here's something to chew on: eating meals with your teenager may enhance his or her well-being.

Secure Your Mask First

How many times have we heard the flight attendant say "secure your own oxygen mask before assisting others"? It's a message aimed largely at travelers with kids, because for so many parents, the natural inclination is to tend to our children before ourselves.

As inclinations go, this one can lead us astray.

Promote Helpfulness

"You're not the boss of me!" "It's mine!" "I don't want to clean up/use a fork/take a bath/go to bed…"

Modern research on family psychology and psychotherapy has much to offer psychotherapists, and, by extension, all those who are consumers of mental health treatment.

Families represent one of the most important contexts for human relationships. When families function well, family relationships can be immensely satisfying. However, when families do not function well, family relationships can be distressingly painful. When problems emerge, families are increasingly turning to family therapists for help.

In 2008, 17,438 children were adopted internationally by American parents, according to data from the U.S. Department of State.