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How Was Your Day?

Is there a more banal question than How was your day? When asked, we often treat it as a throw-away and reply with a quick and mindless "fine" or "okay," our eyes never leaving the computer or the television screen. We rarely expect it to be the start of a conversation.

The Power of Parental Emotion Coaching

Imagine the following scenarios:

Nibble, Then Quibble

Finding yourself and your partner on the brink of a spat? First check how long since either of you have eaten.

Are You Okay?

We say it often — “Are you okay?” — when we notice that our child’s mood seems “off,” or he’s experiencing an emotional setback, or she’s tripped on the pavement or fallen off her bike. We say it because we care; we’re concerned.

Standing Tall

If you’ve ever reminded your kids to “sit up straight” when they slouched at the dining table, you probably had no idea how very wise a suggestion it was. Research in recent years has revealed multiple benefits from moving through life with good posture — and it makes sense for children to establish this habit when they’re young.