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In this engaging explanation of The New Self-Esteem, Aaron Cooper discusses the issues associated with today's abundance of parenting styles, and a potential solution for the anxieties of concerned parents and their affected children, alike. 

Becoming a Family: Nurturing your Connection in the Transition to Parenthood

Becoming a parent is one of the most profound transitions in life an individual will experience, and for a couple becoming parents together is an extraordinary and life-long journey that bonds them together. So why is it, then, that it is so common for parenthood to decrease relationship satisfaction?

A Podcast Series from The Family Institute

Nikki Lively, Clinical Director of the Transitions to Parenthood program, speaks with Adam, father of two, about his experience becoming a father for the first time, and beyond. 

Young Adults & Siblings Feel Less Close to Parents Who Denigrate the Other Parent

Parental denigration was reported by adult children to occur in married, divorced, and never married families, with greater frequency in divorced and never married families. Across all types of families, mothers were reported to denigrate significantly more frequently than fathers.

Much research has been devoted to discovering the components of a satisfying marital relationship. Typically, researchers measure marital quality by asking spouses to rate their global marital satisfaction, which is defined as “an attitude of greater or lesser favorability toward one’s own marital relationship” (Roach, Frazier & Bowden, 1981, p.

Transition to Parenthood

The transition to parenthood can be an exciting time for couples, full of anticipation and hope for the future. In preparing to become parents, couples often focus on childbirth and child-rearing. Hospitals, bookstores and the Internet offer extensive resources on childbirth, breastfeeding and infant care.

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