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Mens therapy group seated in a circle

Our Men's Group encourages men of all ages to reflect inward for a journey of self-discovery. This here-and-now process in a group setting enables men to support each other and become more empowered in their personal, professional and relational lives.

Group Type
Day of Meeting
11:30 a.m.
12:50 p.m.
$55 per session
Insurance Accepted
Blue Cross Blue Shield

What to Expect

You will gain support in addressing specific difficulties or areas of concern for yourself or your family. Additionally, the group will help you enhance your knowledge and learn new skills with people who have had similar life experiences.

Participant Requirements

Primary requirement is that participants are biologically male. Potential new members are required to meet with Chaaze Roberts for a 20-30 minute consult about the group, goals, expectations, etc.


Chaaze Roberts, LMFT

Community Program Supervisor, Marriage & Family Therapy Program
Mr. Roberts works with families, couples, individuals, groups and children/adolescents. He has a particular passion for and commitment to working with adolescents dealing with emotional and behavioral regulation difficulties, low self-esteem and life transition issues. In addition, he works with men and their issues, including emerging adult males dealing with the stresses of life transitions.
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