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Most people seek solace, support and happiness in their love relationships. They want a partnership that will last, and they try their best to make their relationship work. Despite those goals, however, some relationships end in heartbreak or divorce.

That's where premarital counseling can help. Studies in recent decades show that couples who complete premarital counseling have a greater chance of successful and lasting unions.

This does not mean that everything will always go well. Relationships naturally have ups and downs. But premarital programs help in several ways:

  • Recognize your strengths and challenges as a couple
  • Learn tools to deal with trouble spots in your relationship
  • Get a list of self-help resources
  • Work with a skilled relationship counselor, which increases the likelihood that you will get help to preserve your relationship

Make Your Marriage Work Program

Our premarital program includes a detailed assessment of each partner's take on self, each other and the relationship. Additionally, our practice-based learning and activities put couples first.

Any couple in a journey to build a long-term love relationship can benefit from this approach. We welcome couples planning a first marriage, those marrying again or those planning to live together. Even couples that want to tune-up their relationships will find our program useful. Make Your Marriage Work can be tailored for couples of any age, sexual orientation, cultural or faith background.

What to Expect from Make Your Marriage Work

The premarital therapy program includes six sessions with a licensed relationship expert, with each session lasting 45-50 minutes. Schedule your sessions at your convenience (for example, once or twice weekly or monthly).

Prior to the first session, you and your significant other will complete a scientific assessment of your partnership's strengths and challenges. This assessment, called PREPARE/ENRICH, explores issues such as personality traits, communication skills, conflicts, sex, stress, family backgrounds and comfort around financial issues, as well as personal, couple and family goals.

In session one, you and your therapist will explore your couple assessment report and decide on priority areas. In sessions two through six, you and your therapist will work actively on select topics in premarital education matched to your profile. Your therapist will assign brief readings, video clips or discussion activities to keep you working between sessions.

Premarital Topics

Because our premarital therapy is couple-centered, you get a major say over which areas of your relationship you wish to explore. Typical relationship topics include:

  • Becoming good friends
  • Meeting your partner's needs
  • Affair/divorce-proofing your marriage
  • Handling your partner's rough edges
  • Fighting effectively
  • Communicating well
  • Maintaining a great sex life
  • Working your finances together
  • Relating well to in-laws
  • Supporting each other's dreams 
  • Growing together
  • Balancing family and work

Premarital Therapy Costs & Contacts

The premarital therapy package is offered with either a senior therapist ($720 for four sessions or $1,080 for six sessions) or an advanced marriage & family therapist-in-training ($480 for six sessions). You can pay for the premarital therapy package in one to four installments. In addition, the PREPARE/ENRICH couple assessment and report costs $32 which you can order online when registering.

You can purchase our premarital therapy program for yourself or as a gift.

For more information or to purchase services, call 847-733-4300, ext. 898 or email