An affiliate of Northwestern University, we are a unique, innovative not-for-profit organization, governed by our own independent Board of Directors and responsible for our own funding.

We operate under the guidance of staff officers, a distinguished Board of Directors and life trustees.

Family Institute Staff Officers


President & Chief Executive Officer
Jana L. Jones


Chief Clinical Officer
Nancy Burgoyne, PhD, LCP
Vice President of Clinical Services


Chief Academic Officer
Anthony Chambers, PhD, ABPP
Vice President of Education and Research

gantt michael

Chief Financial Officer
Michael Gantt
Vice President of Finance and Administration



Board of Directors

  • Leslie M. Barker, Chair
  • Katie Lamb-Heinz, Vice Chair
  • Swati Abbott
  • Julian G. Coleman Jr.
  • James H. Feldman
  • Esther R. Franklin

  • Kevin M. Gates
  • Adam J. Hecktman
  • Jana L. Jones
  • Jack Larson
  • Viviana E. Ploper
  • Lisa Goren Pritzker
  • Michele Rogers
  • Horace E. Smith II, MD
  • Michael Stelmacki
  • Pam Friend Szokol
  • Deborah Youderian

Life Trustees

  • Jean R. Armour
  • A. Steven Crown
  • Nancy Crown
  • William C. Ellis, PhD
  • Dan Epstein
  • Eugene Golub
  • Mary Gower
  • Victor E. Grimm
  • E. Franklin Hirsch
  • Robert F. Lipman
  • Paul M. Lurie
  • Holly Madigan
  • William M. Pinsof, PhD