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Is Your Child Struggling with Mental Health After the Covid-19 Pandemic?

Nobody escapes mental health issues because of their age. By nature, humans are social creatures. We need each other. But children need each other even more to conquer cognitive and emotional milestones. They need one another to learn social cues, expressions, fair play and empathy. They need one another to explore boundaries and self-expression, creative play, and the ability to work as a team. Unfortunately, the pandemic stripped away so much of this, detrimentally…

Maternal Guilt and a Mom's Sense of Self

As a therapist, I’m always looking for patterns, and I’ve noticed a well-worn one in my career working with postpartum women. When becoming a mother, women feel an invisible weight they carry with them everywhere they go. For some women, it starts during pregnancy; for others, it appears once the baby arrives. Where does the weight come from?

Sophia’s Story: A Journey through Infantile Kinship Adoption

This World Maternal Mental Health Day, we’re sharing the story of Sophia, Connor and their adoption journey. In the United States and worldwide, the maternal mental health conversation often centers on postpartum moms, but adoptive moms face serious mental health struggles and challenges, too, whether they are adopting locally or internationally, familial or not.

Dating Sober

A quick swipe right, and it is a MATCH! You start with a flurry of text messages and recognize a vibe between you and this newly found single. The next step would be to ask them out, but they beat you to it, suggesting, “How about drinks?”

Centering Black Mothers Through Psychotherapy

When I think about psychotherapy’s role in Black maternal health, one woman in particular comes to mind. She was a new mom and came into the therapy room, seeking help for severe postpartum anxiety. She hadn’t been sleeping and was hyper-vigilant to her baby, reactive to any signs that the baby was not okay. I wondered about her family history. What generational history was this new mom carrying with her into her experience of taking care of her infant?

Treating Depression Within a Couple

Depression rates have tripled during the pandemic, and depression afflicts both individual and couple health. In the timely discussion below, Lisa Gordon, Ph.D. explores how depression intrudes into a relationship and how a couple can confront depression as a team. Whether you have identified clinical or low-grade depression in yourself or your partner, know that you are not alone.

Support for Ukraine

The Family Institute at Northwestern University sends its support to all who are experiencing pain and suffering because of the war in Ukraine. We know that within the Ukrainian diaspora, many are agonizing over the fate of their friends, family, and their sovereign country. There is no overstating the impact.  To too many families around the world, this is a familiar feeling. Armed conflict is occurring in many parts of the world, including Libya, Mexico, Somalia, Syria,…

Scratching the Surface of Self-Harm

Self-harm can be so distressing both for the individual engaging in the behavior and for loved ones hearing, seeing, or learning about it happening.  First, acknowledge how painful self-harm must be for the both of you. What is self-harm? Simply put, this is when an instrument (i.e., razors, lighters) is intentionally used to inflict pain and harm to a part of the body, such as arms, legs, and stomach.   Why does someone self-harm?