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To put it simply: Life is complicated, ever-changing and full of ups and downs. At one point, we feel like we’ve got it; at another, we don’t. Whether we’re struggling through one of life’s stages, healing from trauma, repairing a broken relationship or learning to understand ourselves and loved ones better — taking care of our mental health impacts our whole health and well-being.

When you’re ready to seek the help you need on your terms, we’re here for you.

Learn How We Partner to See Change

As therapists, we collaborate with each other and we’re learning all the time — the world changes and we need to keep up with it — that’s what makes for a good clinician.

Nancy Burgoyne, Ph.D.
Chief Clinical Officer
Nancy Burgoyne Headshot
Child & Adolescent

Our therapists listen to and work closely with children, through difficult times and everyday life. We provide children with the tools to navigate their intertwined relationships and challenges of daily living that they encounter at home and at school.


At The Family Institute, we believe an individual is impacted by many different influences — your genes and biology, your psychological and social context, as well as your gender and ethnic identity, your relationships, your family, your community — even the society in which you live in. They make you who you are, but they don't have to define you. Whether you're currently dealing with anxiety, fear or sadness, or you're looking to learn how to manage those feelings when they come up, our therapists are here for you. We tailor treatment approaches based on each individual's unique needs and goals.

Couple & Marriage

Couples everywhere struggle to communicate well and problem solve effectively. Our experienced therapists will guide you in untangling the complex knots that challenge intimate partners, and coach you in developing the skills that are the foundation of a loving and healthy partnership. 

Love and connection are fundamental human needs. They are not always easy but they are important to both the health of the individual and entire family. Why? Because healthy romantic relationships contribute to positive outcomes for the entire family system — and the converse is equally true. We help couples from all walks of life build stronger, healthier relationships.


Today, families and relationships take many forms. Understanding your unique family dynamics plays a critical role in discovering the best path forward for your family. To get your family in a better place, we have forged creative, proactive responses to families' changing needs — helping thousands lead happier, healthier and more satisfying lives. As leaders in family therapy, education and research, our psychotherapists can help guide families at any stage of a family's life cycle in building skills to face a multitude of challenges — from helping address anxiety and depression to recovering from job loss, divorce, grief or relocation.

Working With Our Therapists

In our 50 years of service, we have helped thousands of individuals from all walks of life strengthen and heal. Our model weaves together the skills of 200 therapists and therapists-in-training to create a high-quality system of care — one that gets results.

When you work with one of us, you work with all of us. We take a collaborative approach to therapy, sharing our knowledge and skills with our colleagues to ensure the best possible outcomes for you.  

We are rooted in research. As scientifically informed behavioral health professionals, we practice measurement-informed care and help to create new knowledge and use the latest evidence-based findings in our day-to-day clinical work on behalf of our clients. Our therapists, faculty and students work together to add to the body of research that moves behavioral health practices forward; this benefits not only our clients, but the field as a whole.

We also believe that therapy should be available to everyone, regardless of their ability to pay. And we connect in the ways you want to connect, whether in person, by phone or even digitally.