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Research While Learning

Our program and therapy practice is rooted in research. We invite all students to delve deeper into our research foundations by committing four to eight hours per week to research being conducted by The Family Institute and throughout Northwestern University, including the Evanston campus and Northwestern Hospital.

There are two tracks within the MSMFT program:  the clinical track and the clinical/research track. The clinical/research track is designed for students interested in obtaining more research experience, either to be competitive for Ph.D. programs or to enter into research careers. Students in both tracks take the same required courses and have the same clinical requirements. Students in both tracks are also eligible for MFT licensure. However, students in the research/clinical track will write a master's thesis, while students in the clinical track complete a capstone paper at the end of their second year. 


Learn more about the clinical/research track

How to Apply to Participate in Research
Once you identify a project and a researcher you are interested in joining, contact Allen Sabey, Ph.D., LMFT, MSMFT Core Faculty Member.

For all students, your work with clients will also utilize "progress research" through the use of the STIC® (Systemic Therapy Inventory of Change). This online instrument completed by clients enables you to track your clients' therapy progress and monitor the therapeutic alliance.