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Research While Learning

Our program is primarily designed to prepare students for careers as practicing marriage and family therapists. In addition to the required courses and clinical training that are completed by all students, you may decide to apply for additional research experiences to support your educational needs and plans. These additional experiences are provided for students who want to attend a doctoral program after completing the MSMFT program as well as students with a particular interest in research as a part of their future career. These experiences include such opportunities as a bi-quarterly seminar on research, individualized mentoring to prepare for doctoral programs, participation in an empirical research lab, and completion of a research thesis project.

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How to Apply to Participate in Research
Once you identify a project and a researcher you are interested in joining, contact Allen Sabey, Ph.D., LMFT, MSMFT Core Faculty Member.

For all students, your work with clients will also utilize “progress research” through the use of the STIC® (Systemic Therapy Inventory of Change). This online instrument completed by clients enables you to track your clients' therapy progress and monitor the therapeutic alliance.