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Sharing Our Knowledge With You

As researchers, educators and therapists, we work with our clients and PARTNER TO SEE CHANGE. Browse our behavioral health resources for psychoeducational content grounded in the latest research and developed for you by our expert clinicians. Here, you will find our popular Tips of the Month and Clinical Science Insights publication series, you can hear podcasts and watch webinars on a variety of themes, read topical articles from our therapists and learn about our latest publications.

Black Mental Health Community Forum


Minority communities have be disproportionally affected by the negative impacts of COVID-19 and other unimaginable tragedies and events causing an increase in reports of stress, depression and anxiety.

Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorder


Autism Spectrum Disorder can take on many forms, ranging in severity and symptoms often causing the disorder to be misunderstood. Renay Gartner, Psy.D., Director of Assessment Services and Amy Wolok, Psy.D. discuss how Autism is diagnosed, how it might present, and what current research is saying about the disorder.

Slow Down

Tip of the month - Family

When so many cultural trends have shaped us into creatures who move fast — and who want everyone and everything around us to move fast, too — can we reasonably expect ourselves to slow down? It may be reaching for the stars to harbor this wish, but it could make a world of difference in our effectiveness as parents.  

Fostering a Healthy Relationship with Yourself


A healthy relationship with yourself is the foundation for all other relationships. When you don’t have a positive relationship with yourself, other relationships can suffer. But what does a loving relationship with yourself look like? Here are three important ways to foster love for yourself.  

Katie-Lamb Heinz Featured on NBC Chicago's Making a Difference


Katie Lamb-Heinz, Chair of the Board of Directors for The Family Institute at Northwestern University, was recently featured on NBC Chicago's Making a Difference, showcasing The Family Institute's commitment to providing therapy at no cost through the Bette D. Harris Family & Child Clinic for clients seeking mental healthcare they need. Lamb-Heinz also shared information…

Supporting Children's Mental Health


As we continue to battle the children's mental health emergency, this 1-hour virtual event featured a discussion amongst Caroline Callahan, M.S., AMFT, Jocelyn McDonnell, M.A., LCPC, NCC and 

Beneath Anger

Tip of the month - Couple

Has your partner in a heated moment ever said something harsh or demeaning of you and suddenly you fire back with sharp, angry words of your own?   Has your partner, in a social gathering, ever revealed to friends something about you that you regarded as very personal and you turn silent, quietly simmering with anger? 

The Power of Stress


April is Stress Awareness Month and a good time to check in on the stressors in your life and how you’re coping with them. Stress is a natural, adaptive, and built-in response that is intended to help us. The Mayo Clinic describes the natural stress response as the following upon encountering a threat: