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Sharing Our Knowledge With You

As researchers, educators and therapists, we work with our clients and PARTNER TO SEE CHANGE. Browse our behavioral health resources for psychoeducational content grounded in the latest research and developed for you by our expert clinicians. Here, you will find our popular Tips of the Month and Clinical Science Insights publication series, you can hear podcasts and watch webinars on a variety of themes, read topical articles from our therapists and learn about our latest publications.

50 Realistic Ways to Improve Your Mental Health


As a way to celebrate our 50th anniversary, therapists at The Family Institute have provided 50 actionable tips for taking care of your mental health. Some of the strategies include practicing mindfulness, overcoming perfectionism, nurturing your relationships and shifting your mindset.

The New Self-Esteem: Feeling Worthy from the Inside Out

Clinical Science Insight

In this engaging explanation of The New Self-Esteem, Aaron Cooper discusses the issues associated with today's abundance of parenting styles, and a potential solution for the anxieties of concerned parents and their affected children, alike.

Recognizing Anxiety in Men


Anxiety disorders are one of the most common mental health issues, estimated to affect close to 20% of Americans in a given year. But not everyone is affected equally — research consistently shows the number of women diagnosed with anxiety disorders is about double that of men.1,2 Researchers have yet to definitively determine the causes of this discrepancy, but anecdotal…

Teaching Kids to Repair


Few parents are emotionally honest with kids when they speak unkindly. "You’re such a miserable mother," snaps a teenage daughter, and we sharply retort with “Don’t talk to me that way!” Or a pre-school age son shouts, “You’re stupid!" and we say, "What did I tell you about language like that?"  The story we tell ourselves may be that our son is overtired from a very long day…

How to Sustain Erotic Desire


Can we ever truly desire what we already have?1 That's the conundrum at the heart of long-term relationships: how to sustain erotic desire when, over time, the mystery and novelty that stimulates sexual interest inevitably wanes. It's a question that has baffled academics, sex therapists, and ordinary folk trying to keep the spark alive.

Relational Self-Awareness: The Key to Navigating Modern Love


Alexandra Solomon, licensed clinical psychologist at The Family Institute and clinical assistant professor in the Department of Psychology at Northwestern University, delivers a TEDx Talk on the topic “Relational Self-Awareness: The Key to Navigating Modern Love.” She discusses how modern romantic relationships are not “plug and play” as they were for our grandparents. In her…

Anxiety and Your Brain on Therapy | Facebook Live


This episode of Let's Talk features The Family Institute psychiatrist Smita Gautam, M.D., and president and CEO Jana Jones, in conversation about “Anxiety and Your Brain on Therapy.”

Do You Know Your Partner’s Triggers?

Tip of the month - Couple

You know your partner’s age, phone number, maybe social security number. But do you know her triggers?