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Strengthen the bond with your children.

Build their emotional intelligence.

Promote their self-esteem.

Our video collection for parents, Talking to Kids You Love, shows you how to skillfully and lovingly handle familiar yet tough moments with your children — moments when parents are often unsure of what to say. Watch and listen to the words these parents use. Build new skills to enhance your effectiveness as you promote your child’s emotional intelligence and self-esteem. Our narrator explains the reasoning behind what you see and hear, making sense of what may at times surprise you. Learn from the words our parents use and try them with the children you love. After viewing each video, visit Take A Closer Look to further your understanding of the principles guiding the parents’ approach.

We know there’s more than one path toward effective parenting — culture, religion, geography and family values shape what parents say and do. We acknowledge that in some ways Talking to Kids You Love reflects Western, middle class values, and even within that framework, experts don’t always agree. Regardless of your approach, our hope is that you will find some value from our collection to promote your child’s healthy development and strengthen the bond between you.

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Avoiding the accommodation trap with anxious children.
The power of vulnerability when we’re treated unkindly.
Tuning in to emotions promotes self-esteem and healing.
Naming painful emotions activates the healing.
Creating safety invites openness and honesty.
Supporting their ability to face life’s challenges.
The power of our example when we offer amends.
Honoring agreements is a building block of trust.
Reining in defensiveness fosters good communication.
Appreciating them for speaking up respectfully.
Teaching the importance of making room for pain.
Guiding them to express anger effectively.
Helping them see things through the eyes of others.
Encouraging comfort with what’s natural.
Letting emotions settle so that reason can arrive.
Acceptable emotions versus unacceptable behaviors.

The 5 minute ‘spot-on’ video snapshots model not only what a mom or dad can say to the children they love, but exactly how and when to say it. This thoughtful collection of 16 oh-so-familiar challenging parent/child situations are perfect skill builders for today’s busy parents. Bravo to the production team!

Gail Reichlin
Executive Director of The Parents Resource Network and Author of “The Pocket Parent”

These videos are awesome...phenomenal. I was blown away by them.

Bonnie Gamze
Social Worker at Bernard Zell Day School, Chicago

I thought the videos were fantastic. I loved that they were short, had bullet points for future reference, talked about the ‘why’ behind the strategies, and how the strategies support child development. So many straightforward ideas for parents to discuss with one another and a great tool for Early Childhood and Lower School parents as their children develop into more independence.

Early Childhood & Lower School Division Head
Roycemore School, Evanston

Talking to Kids You Love is written and created by Aaron Cooper, Ph.D., in collaboration with Marina Eovaldi, Ph.D., and Benjamin Rosen, Ph.D. The project is made possible by a generous grant from The Golub Family Foundation.