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Your studies culminate with the Counseling Capstone Project, an "experiential project" where you take the knowledge and theory you have learned throughout the graduate program and apply it in a real-world setting. This final project will be a 30-minute oral presentation to the Counseling program community of faculty, mentors and colleagues.

Your Capstone Presentation is Your Time to Shine

This is your opportunity to share the knowledge you have learned throughout the program, tap into your own voice and aim to apply existing knowledge to new areas, in new ways or even create something new altogether. You are encouraged to reflect upon your time with the program and create a presentation that highlights your strengths, passion, creativity and growing identity as a professional counselor.

What to Present

Your presentation, directed at a particular area/topic of study should demonstrate: 

  • An integration of various aspects of your training (e.g., theory, science, practice)
  • Your novel work or ideas in your area/topic of choice

Presentation Formats

Your project can take many forms, such as:

  • Clinical intervention development and/or assessment
  • Evidence-based practices in an area of specialty
  • Case study
  • Formal research presentation