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Our Postgraduate Fellowship, available through The Family Institute’s Clinical Services team, is a one-year opportunity for recently graduated, relationally minded systemic therapists. The Fellowship provides a substantial and supportive next step in an early career clinician’s professional journey.  After the successful completion of the program, fellows will be extended an offer to join The Family Institute's highly regarded clinical staff practice. 

Clinical Services

Postgraduate fellows are part of our more than 100 clinician strong Clinical Services team.  The care clinicians provide at The Family Institute is guided by our values. We respect and understand our clients in the context of their relationships, life stage and community. Our highly qualified clinicians are members of collaborative teams who embrace continuous learning, collegiality, and a compassionate world view. We provide treatment that is empirically informed, theoretically grounded, and culturally responsive. We know that mental health is inextricably woven with whole health, and we are proud to support our clients on their path to greater well-being.

Significant Training Opportunities

Fellows are guided to build and maintain a reliable clinical caseload. The Family Institute serves individuals, couples, and families across the lifespan, so fellows can build a caseload that matches their interests and learning goals.  In addition, Fellows will be given the opportunity to further their clinical professional development by participating in numerous learning opportunities, including: 

Advanced Couple & Family Didactic Seminar 

A core part of the fellowship will be joining the post-doctoral fellows in weekly seminars and workshops on treating individuals, families, and couples. 

Grand Rounds

Fellows participate in monthly Grand Rounds where a special clinical research topic is presented and discussed from a specific theoretical context. All clinical staff and students are invited to attend Grand Rounds. Fellows are invited to present at Grand Rounds during their fellowship.  

Professional Development Seminar

Fellows meet with the Director of the Fellowship Program monthly to discuss professional development and identity. This seminar will include discussion of clinical and professional development across a variety of practice contexts. 

Consultation Teams

The Family Institute's clinical training model includes participation in at least one clinical consultation team. These consultation teams include Fellows and staff level therapists (varying from early career to seasoned clinicians). The consultation teams are focused on a specific population (e.g., couples) or a specific population or treatment modality. 

Administrative Skill Development 

Crucial professional administrative skills are developed through practical experience with the internal operations of The Family Institute. These activities include maintenance of schedules; ongoing communication with your director, supervisor, peers, staff, clients and community; and timely and legally sound clinical record-keeping.

In addition to receiving excellent, advanced, supervised clinical training, each fellow is encouraged to personalize their experience and grow their skillset by contributing to various projects and initiatives being led by The Family Institute’s Education, Research, or External Relations teams. These opportunities may include: 

Learning, Research & Scholarship 

  • Attending the weekly Core Curriculum courses in in the Master of Science in Marriage & Family Therapy program to learn more about The Family Institute Model of Integrative Systemic Therapy (IST).  

  • Assisting world-class researchers in meaningful and impactful psychological research. The Family Institute houses a variety of labs actively engaged in different stages of research. The Fellow may choose to focus on learning how to conduct an empirically based treatment by implementing the intervention with the client(s), help with project management or be involved in more research-oriented activities such as data analysis and writing of publications.   

  • Contributing to one of The Family Institute’s master’s level academic programs. There is a range of opportunities to become involved in the academic programs through assisting instructors, supporting administrative functioning, and engaging in projects related to professional development and student growth.  

Community Engagement

  • Fellows may choose to support the organization’s marketing efforts. Opportunities and initiatives may include speaking to community groups, meeting with representatives from local schools, social service agencies, hospitals or corporations, representing The Family Institute at Northwestern University at professional conferences and/or public education and healthcare events 

  • Fellows may have the opportunity to participate in media opportunities such as online, print or speaking engagements. 

Full Benefits

The Post Graduate Fellowship at The Family Institute provides a substantial and supportive next step in an early clinician’s professional journey.  We are confident that both the learning and the relationships that fellows build at The Family Institute serve their professional goals well. The fellowship position offers: 

  • 9 paid holidays
  • 14 days of paid time off
  • Health insurance
  • Paid professional liability insurance
  • Clinicians at The Family Institute are eligible for external loan repayment programs
Apply to the Postgraduate Fellowship

Eligibility Required to Apply

  • Possess a master's or doctoral degree in a relevant mental health discipline.  

  • Have at least 2 years of clinical supervision by a licensed mental health professional who unequivocally supports the candidate’s application. 

  • Have clinical interests that align with current service needs at The Family Institute.   

The Fellowship will begin in July 2024. Applications are being accepted until February 29, 2024.

Steps to Apply

Please check our Careers page for current Postgraduate Fellowship opportunities.