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Specialized Services

An effective approach for treating anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder and depression, CBT is a problem-focused, skills-based treatment intervention. It teaches you to identify and modify unhelpful behavior and thinking patterns that may cause or increase anxiety and distress.

Use cognitive and behavioral tools and skills to help you change problematic behaviors and thoughts to improve your life and relationships.

Mindfulness is an age-old practice, with modern evidence, that can help people manage emotions, make better decisions, improve their relationships and live more fully with purpose.

A comprehensive battery of tests that enables you to understand the root of your psychological and neurocognitive struggles, resulting in an individualized plan to help support you and address your unique struggles.

A comprehensive battery of tests that enables parents to understand the root of psychological and neurocognitive difficulties that their child or adolescent may be experiencing with the result being an individualized plan to help support their child's unique struggles. Families work together with the psychologist to understand assessment findings and explore solutions. 


For people who run or work within family businesses, our Family Business Program offers the knowledge and expertise we have gained in decades of studying and caring for all types of family relationships. Therapists focus on the problems that arise at the complex intersection of the family's relationships and business interests.

People who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer or questioning (LGB/TQ+) often face complicated life experiences. The Family Institute's counseling and psychotherapy offers support for LGB/TQ+ individuals, couples and their families.

This six-session program starts with a detailed assessment that the couple and therapist work through over the remaining sessions. Increase your marriage's opportunity for success through tools and support that help you and your partner identify your strengths and weaknesses.

Learn to navigate the complicated transition into parenthood. Our team of psychotherapists specializes in supporting the entire family as your new addition shifts relationships.