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The Alumni Advisory Board is composed of individuals who have benefited from an education at The Family Institute and is designed to support the current students in the education programs through mentoring and other services.


Gideon Litherland

Ashly Lawrence
Vice Chair

Rachel Goldsmith

Hannah Aron
Heather Bates
Dena Bermann, CGN Chair
Aniko Blake
Chrishane Cunningham, Class Representative
Darrin Dennis
Tracy Durkan
Lesley Fisher, Mentoring Chair
Gary Friend, Nominating Chair
May Han
Michelle Herzog
David Klow
Karolina Kowal
Maryah Qureshi
Carolyn Raitt, Class Representative
Natalie Rothstein, Making Connections Chair
Tone Sirbas
Hannah Smith
Kate Stewart
Caroline Tebbens, Mentoring Chair
Janice Witzel, Ex-Officio
Stephanie Wollert, Class Representative
Sara Zasoski