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E.T. Franklin

Kevin M. Gates
Vice Chair

Leslie M. Barker
Ana R. Bugan
Julian G. Coleman, Jr.
Susan Canmann
Diana Cordova
Lauren Elrod
Louis Fogel
Amy Gray
Roxanne Hori
Marco Iannotta
Jana L. Jones
Katie Lamb-Heinz Past Board Chair
Marjorie Cowan Rallins
Laura E. Sachs
Horace E. Smith II, MD
Michael Stelmacki
Kathleen Q. Sullivan
Pam Friend Szokol
Antonia Warren

It is a true privilege to be able to support The Family Institute’s significant work with couples and families as well as children and adults who could not otherwise afford mental health services. The meaningful work impacts outcomes today and for future generations.

Pam Friend Szokol
Vice President, The Harris Family Foundation, Board Member, The Family Institute at Northwestern University