Mission & Values


The mission of The Family Institute is to strengthen and heal families and individuals from all walks of life through clinical service, education and research.

Our Core Values and Beliefs

  • The family is the singular most significant factor influencing human identity.
  • Family-based therapy is a powerful model for change, one that not only helps people cope with major life issues, but that can ultimately transform how we lead our lives, resulting in healthier communities and societies.
  • Quality mental health care should be available to all who need it regardless of their financial resources.
  • Today "family" takes many forms and is comprised of people joined together by biology, intentionality and/or law.
  • These beliefs are as relevant today as they were when The Family Institute was founded in 1968. They guide us as we expand our capacity to help greater and more diverse numbers of people.

The Family Institute puts its mission and values into practice every day by ...

  • Providing the highest quality mental health services to those who suffer, including those who cannot pay.
  • Reaching out to help underserved populations, including racial and ethnic minorities and lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender families.
  • Training and mentoring the mental health innovators and leaders of tomorrow.
  • Investigating how psychotherapy works and developing new breakthroughs in treatment.
  • Building the preeminent mental health, teaching and research center, making it a model for excellence and an internationally recognized leader in the field of therapy.