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Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist Jayne Kinsman explains why jealousy can be unhealthy in Business Insider

Jayne Kinsman, LMFT
• November 08, 2018

In a Business Insider article, Jayne Kinsman, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, is quoted on how jealousy can impact your own happiness. Ms. Kinsman discusses jealousy making one become selfish, which can ruin romantic relationships and interfere with work performance, especially in collaborative work environments.

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Jayne Kinsman, LMFT

Director of Couples Services
MSMFT Program Teaching Faculty
Ms. Kinsman is a clinical member and Approved Supervisor of The American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT). She is also a member of The Family Institute's Alumni Advisory Board and the former elected chief of staff (2015-2016).