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Dr. Jacob Goldsmith explains why we think about embarrassing experiences years later

Jacob Goldsmith, Ph.D., LCP
• February 22, 2019

According to Jacob Goldsmith, Ph.D., thinking about embarrassing moments in the past is a normal part of how we function. It actually helps us identify opportunities for self-improvement and change our behaviors. 

But this habit becomes problematic when it's all-consuming and is "part of a pervasive pattern of negative thoughts about self, [and] anxiety about the past or future. Or, when it causes significant distress and interferes with day-to-day life," says Dr. Goldsmith. 

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Jacob Goldsmith, Ph.D., LCP

Clinical Director, Psychotherapy Change Project
Coordinator of Clinical-Research Integration
Clinical Lecturer
Licensed Clinical Psychologist

As the clinical director of the Psychotherapy Change Project, Dr. Goldsmith leads a team that creates and studies tools for integrating empirical information into therapy practice.