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Dr. Anthony Chambers provides expertise for Bustle article

Anthony Chambers, Ph.D., ABPP
• February 15, 2019

In this article on Bustle, Anthony Chambers, Ph.D., ABPP, discusses the signs that you and your partner could benefit from seeing a couples therapist. He identifies feelings of resentment, constant fighting, a sense of growing distance and absence of intimacy as warning signs of an unhealthy relationship. 

“A good couples therapy session will help couples to increase their connection, will help the couple learn about scientifically informed principles and skills for what constitutes a healthy relationship, and will help each member of the couple better communicate and manage their emotions,” says Dr. Chambers.

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Anthony Chambers, Ph.D., ABPP

Chief Academic Officer
Director, Center for Applied Psychological and Family Studies
Clinical Professor of Psychology

Anthony Chambers, Ph.D., ABPP, is the chief academic officer and a Board Certified Couple and Family Psychologist on staff at The Family Institute at Northwestern University. Dr. Chambers is also the director of Northwestern University's Center for Applied Psychological and Family Studies, in addition to his clinical professorship in the Department of Psychology.