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Dr. Tamara Sher discusses ways to reassess your therapist-patient relationship

Tamara Sher, Ph.D., LCP
• November 01, 2018

"You should trust their judgment, their ethics, and their competency," Dr. Sher says. "You should feel understood. You should feel like a partner in your care."

In fact, Dr. Sher says, research shows that one of the most important factors in successful psychotherapy outcomes is the alliance between you and the therapist. This means your bond with your therapist and your mutual agreement about the goals and tasks of your therapy are key to its success, according to a 2015 article in World Psychiatry.

In this article on Health Central, Tamara Goldman Sher, Ph.D., discusses the signs that show whether your therapist is a good or poor fit for you and gives advice on what you should do if it's time to find a new one. 

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Tamara Sher, Ph.D., LCP

Core Faculty, Marriage & Family Therapy Program
Clinical Professor

Dr. Tamara Sher has been in the field of clinical psychology for over 25 years, in clinical practice as well as in various leadership positions.