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Thoughtful Attention & Renewed Effort

Excellence, Collaboration, Empathy, Knowledge, Integrity and Diversity are The Family Institute’s core values. While we hope these values are embedded in everything we do, we also know that upholding these values takes thoughtful attention and, sometimes, renewed effort. 

Protests of systemic racism and declarations of Black Lives Matter at the beginning of summer 2020 reopened an ongoing discussion at The Family Institute and brought it to a deeper level. Employees of color felt they had not previously been heard and leadership did not fully understand the depth of systemic injustice. A group of employees approached leadership and asked that the organization engage outside expertise to ensure we were upholding our value of diversity. The leadership team soundly agreed and the organization is investing time and resources into this effort.

Looking Ahead

We know that cultural, organizational and systemic change is not something that happens overnight through a day-long retreat. This work is intentional with metrics around success and a scope of work that will take time.   

As individuals, we are all at different places within our own stories of awareness and cultural competency; as an organization, we are a work in progress. The Family Institute is committed to building a sustainable diversity, equity and inclusion program as we strive to do better, continuously improve and uphold our core values.

We’ll post updates on our efforts here. Please be in touch if there’s anything you’d like us to know or consider. Thank you.