Circle of Support

We are extremely grateful to the many individuals, families, foundations, corporations and organizations who so generously supported a specific program, research or the general operating fund.

The following is a list of those who made gifts to The Family Institute between September 1, 2014 and August 31, 2015.


$100,000 and above
Randy L. and Melvin R. Berlin
Dan J. Epstein/Dan J. Epstein Family Foundation
Harris Family Foundation
   Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Szokol
   Ms. Kathy Harris
   Dr. and Mrs. Ronald Paul and Family
   Mr. and Mrs. King Harris
   Mr. and Mrs. William Friend
   Mr. and Mrs. John Harris
   Mr. and Mrs. Scott Friend
Howard and Jackie Shapiro Foundation

$50,000 to $99,999
The Chicago Community Trust
The Crown and Kunkler Families
Irving Harris Foundation
The Margaret Clark Morgan Foundation

$25,000 to $49,999
Mr. Howard B. Bernick
Coach Foundation, Inc.
Jaffee Family Foundation
The Kovler Family
Holly and John Madigan
Dr. and Mrs. Arthur C. Nielsen III
Mr. and Mrs. James T. Reid

$10,000 to $24,999
Aileen S. Andrew Foundation
The Crown Family SCE
Mr. Richard Seidel
The Lester CAIT Trust

$5,000 to $9,999
Anonymous (2)
American Psychological Association
Francis Beidler Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher B. Galvin
Mr. John J. Glier
Grenzebach Glier & Associates
Golub & Company LLC
Judy and Jim Klutznick
Karen* and Ron Krefman
Ms. Renée Logan
Ms. Pamela Phillips Weston and
Mr. Roger Weston
Ms. Kay Unger Pitman
Ms. Cynthia Reusche
Ms. Mary Alice Wheeler
Deborah* and Ethan Youderian

$2,500 to $4,999
Mrs. T. Stanton Armour
Mr. and Mrs. William G. Barker III
David and Cheryl Bradford
Jim and Sheila Feldman
Kathleen Grady*, LCSW, BCD and
Victor Grimm, Esq.
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Iannotta
Jenner & Block LLP
Catherine Lamb-Heinz and
William Heinz
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Melman
Mental Health and Addiction Network
Dr. and Mrs. William Pinsof
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Pollard
Buzz Ruttenberg
Mr. Michael Stelmacki
Jesse Viner, MD
Weinberg Family Foundation

$1,000 to $2,499
Anonymous (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen W. Baird
Mr. and Mrs. William Bennison
Ms. Jacquelyn Berlin
Ms. Susan Wein Bernhardt and
Mr. Alex Bernhardt
Ms. Patricia Fernandez and
Mr. Guillermo Bublik
Mr. Myron M. Cherry
Mr. and Mrs. Julian G. Coleman, Jr., CPA
Mr. and Mrs. James W. DeYoung
Mr. and Mrs. Craig J. Duchossois
The Durning Family
Lisa and Eddy Eisenberg
Mrs. Joan Elisberg Mandel and
Mr. Richard Mandel
Drs. Letitia* and William Ellis
First Bank & Trust Company
Mr. and Mrs. James S. Frank
Geraldi Norton Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence E. Gilford
Ms. Charmaine Goldman
Sandy and Lee Golub
Ms. Nancy Gidwitz and Mr. Jeffrey Grossman
Ms. Mary Gower
Paula and David Harris
Ms. Meighan A. Harmon
Mr. and Mrs. Adam Hecktman
Horwich Coleman Levin LLC
Ms. Ellen Morris and Mr. Ted Jadwin
Phyllis A. Jaffee*, LCSW and
Robert D. Jaffee
Anne E. and Edward O. Laumann
Lynn and Bob Lipman
Marc Realty
Microsoft Corp.
Nancy and Robert Moss and Family
The Muller Family Charitable Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Murphy
Ms. Joanne R. Nemerovski
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen O'Hara
Patrick G. and Shirley W. Ryan Foundation
Ms. Jane Petit-Moore* and Mr. Jean Louis Petit
Mr. and Mrs. Leslie S. Pinsof
Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Pinsof
Viviana E. Ploper, MA, LCPC*
Prudential Financial
Michele Rogers, MBA
Ms. Pam Hutul and Mr. Bill Ross
Berger Schatz, LLP
Carla and Richard Seidel
Mrs. Renetta Shapiro
Mrs. Bev S. Hayford
Margaret Silberman, PhD*
Mrs. Laura K. Smith
Louis W. and Rhona Stern
Mr. and Mrs. Ira Stone
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Supera
Symmetry Counseling LLC and
Anne Brennan Malec,* PsyD, LMFT
Elaine G. Thomas
All One Family Fund
Scott Turow and Adriane Glazier
Mr. and Mrs. David Uihlein
Mr. Andrew Valentine
Dr. and Mrs. Jeffery Vender
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Vender
Vista National Insurance Group, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Curt Voges
The Wein Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Wellek
Janice Witzel, PhD, LCPC*

$500 to $999
Mrs. Marilynn B. Alsdorf
Lynn* and Joel Altschul
Hon. Sheila O'Brien and
Hon. Wayne Andersen
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Arkes
Mr. and Mrs. Adam Aron
Ms. Lynn Barr, MA, LCSW*
John H. Bitner and Family
Mr. and Mrs. Laurence Booth
Dr. and Mrs. Walter Burke
Mr. and Mrs. Scott L. Byron
Ms. Diane Carco
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Case
Mark and Donna Chudacoff
Judy and Gus Crivolio
Dr. Louanne Smolin and
Mr. David Eaton
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Eisen
Harold F. & Suzanne D. Falk
Mr. and Mrs. William Foote
Genesis Technologies
Jean Goldsmith, PhD
Ms. Rita Golub
Mr. and Mrs. Joel Honigberg
Ms. Roxanne Hori and
Mr. Robert Felsenthal
Ms. Holly Hunt
Mr. and Mrs. Edgar D. Jannotta, Sr.
Julian Coleman, Jr. & Company, LTD
Mr. and Mrs. Frank S. Karger, Jr.
Kraft Foods Group Foundation
Maureen and Steve Lewis
Myron and Eleanor Lieberman
Mrs. Francis Little
Mattenson & Gordon
Mr. Fred H. Mayerson
Barbara and Lee Mitchell
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Murray
Sandy Bank and Susan Piser
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Pope
Cheryl Rampage, PhD and
Larry La Boda
The Robbins Family
Carole and Gordon Segal
Mr. and Mrs. James H. Swartchild, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Taylor
Mrs. Gabrielle F. Thomas
Ms. Suzy Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Tier
Toft Family Fund
Professor Linda J. Waite
Mr. and Mrs. Allen Weaver

$250 to $499
Anonymous (3)
Dr. Phyllis Amabile
Linda G. Bell, PhD, ABPP, LMFT*
Mr. Shael Bellows
Mr. and Mrs. Philip D. Block III
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Case
Mr. and Mrs. Byram E. Dickes
Mr. and Mrs. William Dutton
Field Foundation of Illinois, Inc.
Ms. Joann Fisher
Ms. Sari Gluckin and
Mr. Lance Friedmann
Charles Gofen
Dr. and Mrs. Jack Graller*
Meredith and Roger Harris
Ms. Louise Hillegass
Mr. E. Franklin Hirsch
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hoffman
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Jacobson
Mr. and Mrs. Wade Judge
Ms. Gail Epstein Kovler
Dr. Colman and Julie Kraf
Mrs. Kathleen K. Krehbiel
Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert K. Krulee
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Leo*
Mrs. Linda Lozier Carol and Terry Moritz
Margie Morrison, LCSW
Ms. Julie Weiss Murad
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Murray
Ms. Karen Otto
Christopher Randolph, PhD
Mrs. Betty Rocci
Anne E. Rossen, MA, LCPC*
Linda Rubinowitz, PhD*
Mrs. Eileen Sachanda
Mr. and Mrs. Neal Seltzer
Sklare Family Foundation
Mrs. Darla Stelmacki
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Stephans
Ms. Carole Stone
The Community Foundation

$100 to $249

Anonymous (5)
Mr. Brad Aaron
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Adler
Alexandra B. Fox LLC
Clare and John Ardizzone, PhD
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen G. Ashmore
Mr. Jeff Atkinson
Drs. Michele and DeWitt Baldwin
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Bates
Dana Bennison, MA, LCPC*
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Benson
Ed and Penny Berman
Mr. Bruce Bernstein
Dr. Evonne Blakey*
Penny B. Block, PhD and Keith I. Block, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Blum
Mrs. Margaret P. Bower
Mr. Michael Brody and Ms. Elizabeth Ester
Mrs. Pat Bruder
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Bryant
Mrs. Tracey and Mr. Joshua Buchman
Nancy Burgoyne
Drs. LaRoyce and Minnie Chambers
CL Graphics
Lynn and Arthur Cohen
Dr. and Mrs. Scott Davis*
Dell Giving
Ms. Nancy Donatelli
John R. Durburg, MD*
Ms. Ruthie R. Evans
Mr. and Mrs. Jamey Fadim
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Feldman
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Feldman
Dr. and Mrs. Martin Fine
Ms. Karen Foley
Alexandra Fox, MA, LCPC*
Mr. and Mrs. Jay A. Frank
Gary J. Friend, DPM, LPC*
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Gazley
Mr. and Mrs. William Gofen
Google Inc.
Paula Grasso
Sallie E. Gratch, MSW*
Dr. and Mrs. Roy R. Grinker, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Hedges
Alan J. Heigert, MS, LCPC*
Mr. Joel Hirsch
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hurder
Mr. Michael C. Jackson
Dr. Eleanor Smith and Dr. Charles Jaffe
Sandy Thomas Johnson
Ms. Diane Kahan
Ikar J. Kalogjera, MD, SC*
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Kaplan
Mr. and Mrs. William L. Kennedy
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Killam
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Kim
Ms. Kathleen Kirn
Mrs. Maryfran Klein
Pamela Klier-Weidner
David Klow, LMFT*
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Knochel
Jill Weinberg and Bernard Kramer
Mr. Douglas Kramer
Paula Kelly Krupka
Ms. Nancy Labinger
Mr. Scott LaBoda
Mr. and Mrs. Marc Landsberg
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Lefkovitz
Leonard Leight
Dr. and Mrs. Alan Lerner
Ms. Elizabeth Muir Landes and Mr. Barry Levenstam
Barbara and David Linville
Janet D. London*
Mr. Brad Lyerla
Mr. Benjamin Mackoff
Kathi M. Marks*, PsyD and Ron Himmelman, MD
Susan H. McDaniel, PhD
Ms. Jane B. McDonald
Ms. Ellen McGann
Ms. Margot McMillen
Ms. Patricia McMillen
Ms. Lynn Mense
Mr. Richard Mesirow
Carol V. Middelberg, PhD*
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Mogentale
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Mohr
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. William Murray
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Nathan
Hon. Julia Nowicki
Ms. Nancy Nyheim
Mr. and Mrs. John O’Connor
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick O’Neill
Mr. Eric Patton
Dr. and Mrs. Dennis Pessis
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Pikas
Ms. Rachel Barton Pine and Mr. Gregory Pine
Mr. and Ms. David Pritsker
Mrs. Christina Raddi Vasta
Peter A. Reiner, PhD
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Rivkin
Mr. and Mrs. David Roadhouse
Sheri Ross, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Myron E. Rubnitz
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Rutkoff and Family
Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel Sack
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Samuels
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Scheyer
Ms. Pamela Schwarzkopf
Mrs. Hilary B. Scott
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Segall
Mr. F. Sheppard Shanley
Andy and Marty Shaw
Mr. Kevin R. Sido
Sira Salon Corp
Mr. Charles Sklarsky
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Slaughter
Ms. Wendy Saal and Mr. Barney Slobin
Horace E. Smith II, MD and Mrs. Susan Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Snider
St. Andrews Foundation
Liz Stiffel
Ms. Maureen A. Stimming*
Mr. Gregory Strobel
Mr. Steven Stryker
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Suerth
Shamim A. Sufi, MA, LCSW*
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene S. Sunshine
The Tenbrink Family
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Tinberg
Ms. Elizabeth B. Tisdahl
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Toledo
Ms. Toni V. Walker Mr. and Mrs. Robert Weil
Mr. and Mrs. David B. Weinberg
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Zarov
Steven Zuckerman*, PhD, LMFT and Paula Gorlitz
Ms. Sharon Zulkie
Gifts In-KindFY15
Apostolic Faith Church
CL Graphics
John Ardizzone
Evanston Design Partners
Tribute Gifts FY15
In Honor of Leslie Barker
In Honor of Jan Bomher
In appreciation of the therapists at The Family Institute
In Honor of Aaron Cooper, PhD
In Honor of Mary Doheny, PhD
In Honor of Dan Epstein
In Honor of James Feldman
In Honor of Rachel Goldsmith who helped heal and build our family.
In Special Recognition of Paula Harris
In Memory of Bette D. Harris
In Honor of Paula Harris
In Honor of The Harris & Golub Families
In Honor of Karen Krefman, LMFT
In Honor of the Birthday of Karen Krefman, LMFT
In Honor of Linda Lozier
In Honor of Paul and Margaret Lurie
In Honor of Eileen Murphy
In Honor of Michael Murphy
In Honor of Dr. Arthur C. Nielsen III
In Honor of William M. Pinsof, PhD, LMFT, ABPP
In Honor of Viviana E. Ploper, MA, LCPC
In Honor of Cheryl Rampage, PhD
In Special Recognition of Cheryl Rampage, PhD
In Honor of Michele Rogers, MBA
In Appreciation of Onnie and Steve Scheyer
In Honor of Onnie M. Scheyer In Memory of Charles M. Shapiro, MD
In Honor of Michael Stelmacki
In Honor of Pam and Joe Szokol
In Honor of Dave Taussig
In Honor of The Family Institute’s Staff
In Memory of Marjorie Valentine
In Memory of Barbara Waite
In Celebration of Mothers In Memory of Allan Jay Witzel
Circle of Knowledge Sponsors FY15
Arthur and Sheila Nielsen
Anonymous (2)
Apostolic Faith Church
Golub and Company
Grenzebach, Glier and Associates
Adam and Carey Hecktman
Leslie and Bill Barker
Eddy and Lisa Eisenberg
Jim and Sheila Feldman
First Bank & Trust
Gofen and Glossberg
Horwich Coleman Levin
Marc Realty
Viviana Ploper
Vista National Insurance Group, Inc.
AOK Gourmet
CL Graphics