MSMFT Research

For those students interested in participating in research during their graduate training, the MSMFT Program is committed to helping them secure research assistantships. These opportunities generally require a commitment of 4-8 hours per week and for the most part are unpaid.

The Family Institute itself sponsors a number of research projects and, pending openings, welcomes the participation of graduate students. These projects can be reviewed by visiting the Research section of The Family Institute website.

The Program also helps students gain access to the research being conducted throughout the University, including the Evanston campus and Northwestern Hospital. Relationships have been established with a number of researchers. If you have a specific research interest, we encourage you to visit Northwestern’s website, There you will find a description of all of the research being conducted throughout the University and locate projects in which you might have an interest. If you identify a project and a researcher, the MSMFT Program Director will assist you in gaining access to that researcher and where possible to secure a research assistantship. Once an applicant has been accepted into the Program, he or she can communicate this interest to the Program Director who will then initiate a conversation with the researcher about accepting the student for a research assistantship.

For all students, their work with clients will also utilize “progress research” through the use of the STIC® (Systemic Therapy Inventory of Change). This online instrument completed by clients enables students to track the progress their clients are making in therapy and to monitor the therapeutic alliance.