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If costs are stopping you from seeking therapy, we can help.

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Due to COVID-19, we are unable to schedule appointments for clients in the Bette D. Harris Family & Child Clinic. We will update this page when we are able to accept new clients in the Clinic.

Every day is an opportunity to start new habits. If you have communication issues as a couple, need help managing your child’s behavior, or want to improve your own mental health, now is the perfect time to find a therapist.

Through the Bette D. Harris Family & Child Clinic located within each of our four locations — downtown Chicago, Evanston, Northbrook and Westchesterwe provide counseling services on a sliding fee scale, with $15 as the average fee per session. Fees are determined based on household income/size of household. Insurance is neither required nor accepted.

The Clinic is staffed by Northwestern University graduate level therapists-in-training, who are educated and supervised by highly trained licensed therapists.

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Research conducted at The Family Institute at Northwestern University has found that therapy provided by our graduate student therapists is significantly effective in reducing client distress and improving their relationships. 

To find the affordable care you need, call 847-733-4300 or complete this form.

Our family has had an overall very positive experience at The Family Institute. Our therapist-in-training was able to connect with our children so they felt comfortable, yet was also very professional. We all benefitted individually and collectively, in ways that were initially sought, but also in unexpected ways. I would definitely recommend The Family Institute to family and friends.

My experience with The Family Institute has been beyond rewarding. They have been very accommodating from the beginning and my therapist-in-training has always been professional and compassionate. I’m so happy to be working with her and am incredibly grateful for her services.

I really appreciated being able to access affordable mental health services. I found it invaluable and have let other people know that it is there as an option.

I’ve just completed my second session with The Family Institute. This program offers incredible therapists who I’ve felt both genuinely cared for me and were knowledgeable in their field. I look forward to future sessions with The Family Institute.