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Amber Przybyla, LPC, ATR
• September 15, 2023

Many former Barbie lovers have stories of doll destruction. Why is this, and is it normal? Amber Przybyla, LPC, ATR of The Family Institute at Northwestern University recently spoke to to discuss why we messed with our Barbies, and what it said about our future selves.

“The truth is, when kids are playing, it’s play. Even if it’s more aggressive or it seems messed up, like you’re ripping Barbie’s head off. We can root into the fact that it’s developmentally appropriate, that it’s the development of social and emotional skills, and it’s also that dolls are still very tactile," Przybyla says.

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Amber Przybyla, LPC, ATR

Art Therapist
Amber Przybyla is an Art Therapist and Licensed Professional Counselor. She received her Masters of Arts in Counseling: Art Therapy at Adler University. She has experience working with children, adolescents and teens who experienced anxiety, depression, neurodevelopmental disorders, barriers to learning in school, adjusting to significant life changes, trauma and stress-related disorders.