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Divorce. Parents have always worried about its effects on children — and for good reason. For decades, psychologists have observed that many children of divorce mistrust romance and marriage, and demonstrate varieties of fear-based behaviors when they ent

In this study, participants whose parents had divorced had more negative attitudes toward marriage, more positive attitudes toward divorce, and in general a weaker commitment to marriage than participants whose parents hadn't divorced.

Did you know that unless you're a single parent, you're co-parenting?

  • If you're living with a spouse (and kids) under one roof, you're co-parenting.
  • If you're divorced and both you and your ex are involved in the children's lives, you're co-parenting.
  • IIf you're raising a child together with someone you may never have been married to — whether you're living together or apart — you're co-parenting.
Modern research on family psychology and psychotherapy has much to offer psychotherapists, and, by extension, all those who are consumers of mental health treatment. Currently, research on mental health in families is being conducted in such diverse areas as family interaction, child and adolescent development, risk factors for psychopathology, the prevention of family violence, and improving mental health treatments.