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Complain Skilfully

Here are some examples of complaints done well:

  • When you don't return the ice cream to the freezer after taking yourself a bowl, it melts, and I feel frustrated and irritated with you.

  • When you were yelling at the kids and using swear words, I felt very upset.

Behind the Anger

What parent hasn't had the experience of a son or daughter — 2 or 3 years old — running toward the street? In an instant, many of us angrily shout at the youngster to get back onto the curb.

On Resilience

"Is it true what Nietzsche said: "What doesn't kill me makes me stronger?" Research says it's true — to a degree.

Men in Therapy

A man faces a dilemma when he decides to enter psychotherapy, whether it is on his own or with his partner or family. Research shows that men are generally hesitant to seek counseling (Cheatham, Shelton & Ray, 1987), and when a male-female couple begins counseling, it is usually the woman who initiates the process (Silitsky, 2000).