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In perhaps the earliest on-screen fictional portrayal of a mental health professional, a young woman was depicted as being controlled by a hypnotist in the 1896 silent film Trilby.

Sacred Spaces With Kids

Is it ever easy to connect with our children, to get them to open up about their lives? Surprisingly, it’s what they yearn for — to be truly seen and heard in all their authentic dreams and hopes and fears. It’s what we all desire, but kids need it differently than we do.

The Long Car Ride

If you're willing to insist that your youngsters sometimes unplug themselves for at least 20 minutes while you're in the car together, it's amazing what you can learn about their thoughts, feelings, and experiences — in other words, about their lives.

TV Guide

Teens spend an average of eight hours a day connected to media, with three to four hours devoted to television. Do you think they're influenced by what they see on the tube? You bet they are! But how much they're influenced depends, in part, on the function TV plays in their lives.

A family business

The rate of childhood obesity has risen dramatically over the past twenty-five years — an alarming trend when considering its adverse effects on physical, psychological and social functioning.