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a letter from Nancy Burgoyne, Chief Clinical Officer

Recent events in Florida have again put in front of us an outrageous scene of senseless violence. Violence in schools, once unimaginable, has become a disturbingly frequent event. As individuals, and certainly as caregivers for children of all ages, we grapple with how to respond.

Focusing directly on the concerns that families, couples and individuals bring to therapy, Integrative Systemic Therapy (IST) values client participation in planning therapy and seeking solutions to their concerns. Although focusing initially on straight forward, direct changes in interaction, thinking and feeling, IST also provides tools to systematicall

You can’t venture on to the Internet these days without stumbling across some sort of editorial about the Netflix show Thirteen Reasons Why. The Chicago Tribune has called the show “highly problematic” and “dangerously wrong” (VanNoord, 2017). Vanity Fair has referred to Thirteen Reasons Why as “unsettling visual genius” (Robinson, 2017).

In perhaps the earliest on-screen fictional portrayal of a mental health professional, a young woman was depicted as being controlled by a hypnotist in the 1896 silent film Trilby.

A family business

The rate of childhood obesity has risen dramatically over the past twenty-five years — an alarming trend when considering its adverse effects on physical, psychological and social functioning.