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Incorporate these simple mindfulness tips into your day

October 10, 2022

Please consider incorporating one or more of the following mindfulness tips to help as you either begin, reprioritize, or continue your journey with mental health.

  1. Activate your senses while Walking: engage with the sights, sounds, smells, and sensations of walking throughout your body.
  2. Bring awareness to how you nourish your body through Mindful Eating. Be fully present with a meal or snack, while limiting distractions from electronics or work-related tasks.
  3. Practice Breath Awareness: notice if you hold your breath during the day and activate belly breathing by placing one hand over your belly as you inhale and exhale.
  4. Include Mindful Movement during the day- take a few moments to stretch, stand, or dance as time and space allows.
  5. Practice Self-Compassion: treating yourself the way you treat others you love, celebrate, and forgive.
  6. Have a Mindful Minute: switch off from “autopilot” and bring a kind awareness to what is occurring both internally and externally.
  7. Invite a Beginner’s Mind to daily activities (brushing teeth, dog walking, driving to work); experience your routine as if for the first time to transform “ordinary” moments into extraordinary.
  8. Create a Gratitude List to increase your awareness of joy, freedom, and choice in daily living.

It is important to share that these tips are not intended to replace therapy, but to help bring more intention to your day. If you or someone you know, needs to speak with someone, please call us at 847-733-4300 or request an appointment below. 

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