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As researchers, educators and therapists, we work with our clients and PARTNER TO SEE CHANGE. Browse our behavioral health resources for psychoeducational content grounded in the latest research and developed for you by our expert clinicians. Here, you will find our popular Tips of the Month and Clinical Science Insights publication series, you can hear podcasts and watch webinars on a variety of themes, read topical articles from our therapists and learn about our latest publications.

Treating Depression Within a Couple


Depression rates have tripled during the pandemic, and depression afflicts both individual and couple health. In the timely discussion below, Lisa Gordon, Ph.D. explores how depression intrudes into a relationship and how a couple can confront depression as a team. Whether you have identified clinical or low-grade depression in yourself or your partner, know that you are not…

Emotion Fixing

Tip of the month - Couple

Partner One: “I feel really discouraged today…” Partner Two: “Come take a walk with me, it’s a really beautiful day out.”   Partner One: “I’m so frustrated with the people at work, they spend all day complaining.” Partner Two: “You should just quit, we can get by on my salary for a while.”   Partner One: “We never hear from the kids. It bothers me that they don’t call…

Support for Ukraine


The Family Institute at Northwestern University sends its support to all who are experiencing pain and suffering because of the war in Ukraine. We know that within the Ukrainian diaspora, many are agonizing over the fate of their friends, family, and their sovereign country. There is no overstating the impact.  To too many families around the world, this is a familiar feeling…

Scratching the Surface of Self-Harm


Self-harm can be so distressing both for the individual engaging in the behavior and for loved ones hearing, seeing, or learning about it happening.  First, acknowledge how painful self-harm must be for the both of you. What is self-harm? Simply put, this is when an instrument (i.e., razors, lighters) is intentionally used to inflict pain and harm to a part of the body,…

Too Negative?

Tip of the month - Family

The effects of evolution don’t always leave us in the best stead.

5 Self-Care Tips for Black Women’s Mental Health


People often label Black women first and primarily as “strong.” While they may use the term with good intentions, it actually perpetuates racial discrimination. And Black women’s relationship with the term is also complex. Many report wearing the term as a form of armor, used to protect them from the stresses of daily racial discrimination.

How to Convince Your Partner to See a Therapist


My daughter introduced me to early-2000s television show One Tree Hill. In one episode, the character Deb tries to convince her husband to attend therapy by offering him a choice between therapy and divorce. Spoiler alert: the couple begins divorce proceedings. As a therapist, I know better ways exist to convince your partner to see a therapist.

How to Cultivate a More Meaningful Relationship with Your Partner


We all know how to spot the couple in the throes of early-relationship dopamine bliss. They physically space themselves close together and very likely touch. They focus on each other, oblivious to external distractions. Unless being used to take selfies, their phones are tucked away in their carefully chosen garments and accessories. Certainly feelings of love, interest, and…