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As researchers, educators and therapists, we work with our clients and PARTNER TO SEE CHANGE. Browse our behavioral health resources for psychoeducational content grounded in the latest research and developed for you by our expert clinicians. Here, you will find our popular Tips of the Month and Clinical Science Insights publication series, you can hear podcasts and watch webinars on a variety of themes, read topical articles from our therapists and learn about our latest publications.

Substance Use in the Context of Couplehood


Whether or not your relationship has been struggling or thriving, there’s little doubt that many of us have learned more about ourselves and about our partners during a time where privacy and solitude, social outings, work/life balance and stability were upended by a global pandemic. In addition, there has been a dramatic rise of substance use over the past year, with nearly 1…

Understanding Ourselves Better & Learning What We Appreciate


We asked Daniel Lopez, M.S.W., LCSW, “As we begin to enter a new phase of public health safety, what lessons regarding loneliness, communication and community do you think can be translated into our new normal? What positive things have we learned from this experience?”

Reintegration Anxiety: Tips on Recreating Safety


This past year has provided us with a universal experience which, in turn, has produced vastly different outcomes, both socio-economic and emotional, for different people. Whatever your own experience has been — positive and/or traumatic — we all had to navigate a new set of behaviors and routine to accommodate both our own safety and the safety of those around us.  We now…

Challenges when Living Alone & Socially Isolating


We asked Daniel Lopez, M.S.W., LSCW, “What are the biggest areas of struggle you’ve seen over the past year for those living alone & socially isolating?”

Practice Patience & Understanding with your Partner, not just with Kids

Tip of the month - Couple

What if we were as generous and forgiving with our partners as we are with young children? Imagine this scene: You collect your five-year-old from school and she is immediately cranky, whiny, demanding and sour. Her face reflects her mood. Do any of these thoughts cross your mind?

Disconnection During a Pandemic

Clinical Science Insight

Many couples are struggling within their relationships right now. The added pressures from the effects of the pandemic, financial, emotional, recreational, have hit couples hard. People are simply trying to get through the day, let alone finding time for connection. Given all of the stressors that are occurring simultaneously, couples may have a hard time managing their…

Dehumanizing Language

Tip of the month - Family

“Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster.” — Friedrich Nietzsche This well-known quotation has been invoked countless times over the past hundred years. Upon hearing it, people tend to nod in agreement, recognizing the essential truth in Nietzsche’s words. What goes unrecognized is the problematic word choice: monster.…

Emotional Balance & Core Needs in the Post-Pandemic Era


The results of the American Psychological Association’s 2020 survey on stress led the association to sound a devastating alarm: “We are facing a national mental health crisis that could yield serious health and social consequences for years to come.”