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As researchers, educators and therapists, we work with our clients and PARTNER TO SEE CHANGE. Browse our behavioral health resources for psychoeducational content grounded in the latest research and developed for you by our expert clinicians. Here, you will find our popular Tips of the Month and Clinical Science Insights publication series, you can hear podcasts and watch webinars on a variety of themes, read topical articles from our therapists and learn about our latest publications.

Accommodating Anxiety

Tip of the month - Family

Reports of a youth anxiety epidemic are highly exaggerated, according to research. But in the face of much media coverage, we are understandably alarmed when our children exhibit or even utter the word anxiety. In this era of “I just want my kids to be happy,” we rush to rescue and shield, fending off whatever seems to unsettle our little (and not-so-little) ones. That may be…

6 Ways Your Relationship Can Improve As Empty Nesters


Thinking about or facing the reality of an empty nest can leave some people uneasy about their relationship. Allen Sabey, Ph.D., therapist and core faculty member in the Master of Science in Marriage & Family Therapy program, spoke with Prevention about how to strengthen your marriage as empty nesters. Read Article

Pregnancy Mood Swings Are Normal — But That Doesn’t Mean They’re Easy


Pregnancy mood swings are not uncommon. Nikki Lively, LCSW, director of the transitions to parenthood program, explains to Refinery29 that while pregnancy mood swings are normal -- it doesn't mean they are easy. Read Article

Working with Sexual Minorities & the Journeys They Take | Facebook Live


In June's Facebook Live episode, Jana Jones, President and Chief Executive Officer of The Family Institute, and Casey Gamboni, Ph.D., LMFT, a licensed marriage and family therapist at The Family Institute, sat down to chat about the mental health struggles of LGBTQ individuals navigating their identities and relationships.

Reflections on the 50th Anniversary of the Stonewall Riots


Safe spaces to socialize and express yourself in however way you see fit is something everyone aspires to find. We’ve seen these spaces shown in popular television series like the bar from Cheers, ‘Central Perk’ from Friends, and Saved by The Bell’s ‘The Max.’ Which is why when you find these havens, you cherish them. These celebrated examples of mostly white and…

Should you Combine Finances With Your Partner?


Deciding whether or not to combine your finances with your partner can be a difficult decision. Anthony Chambers, Ph.D., ABPP, chief academic officer and Board Certified Couple and Family Psychologist and director of Northwestern University's Center for Applied Psychological and Family Studies, spoke with The Sunday Edit about the benefits of combining finances with your…

How Your Child Can Benefit from Testing at Any Age | Webinar


This webinar addresses the questions you may have about your child and how neuro-psychological assessment testing can help. Problems may be related to learning, attention, anxiety/depression, social interaction, communication and how they get along with others. Testing is invaluable as a tool to both identify the issue and recommend effective solutions – solutions that are…

Marriage Counseling Becomes Divorce Counseling If You Wait Too Long


The average couple waits six years prior to seeking help for their marriage and for many that is too late. Neil Venketramen, LMFT, spoke with Fatherly about the importance of not waiting too long when it comes to seeking help for your marriage. Read Article