Neuropsychological Assessment

Sometimes the exact nature of a psychological, emotional or learning difficulty is difficult to assess through face-to-face interviews alone. That's when formal psychological assessment comes in-typically referred to as "testing." The Family Institute is proud to offer Collaborative Assessment, the state-of-the-art approach and the biggest innovation in assessment in decades.  

Collaborative Assessment is designed to help youth and adults better understand "what's going on" through a partnership between the individual being evaluated and the psychologist conducting the evaluation. The traditional power differential of psychological testing is reduced as much as possible in Collaborative Assessment as both parties work together to understand the findings and explore solutions. And instead of postponing the final conclusions and recommendations until the end of the evaluation, Collaborative Assessment offers feedback all throughout the testing process. Along the way, the individual and the psychologist learn from each other, promoting more useful outcomes than was true in traditional approaches.

New research on the brain and the development of innovative test instruments have enhanced our ability to assess the source, extent and dimensions of both cognitive and emotional problems. Problems of learning, attention and memory can be studied more effectively nowadays than ever before. User-friendly reports provide answers to the questions that prompted testing in the first place. "Why is our daughter so uninterested or irritable lately?" "Do I have a learning disability?" "How is our divorce affecting our son?" "Why do I have so much trouble focusing at work?" Collaborative Assessment reports simplify rather than complicate an understanding of what's going on - and what steps need to be taken.

Fees for neuropsychological assessment are based on the specific battery of tests used. Insurance will often cover a portion of these services.

Assessment Team

Jessica Freilich, PsyD
Renay Gartner, PsyD
Mark Lynn, PhD

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