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Talking to Kids You Love

June 16, 2021

We’re excited to unveil our one-of-a-kind video collection: Talking to Kids You Love. This breakthrough project of 16 short videos offers wise approaches to anyone who interacts with children — parents, caregivers, teachers, and more. Each video depicts an adult lovingly responding to a tough parent-child encounter, moments that often lead to power struggles and leave parents wondering if they’ve said the right thing. The scenes depict adults modeling effective interactions that build emotional intelligence and promote self-esteem.

“Children are never too young to begin to develop this ability, provided parents know how to approach it. Our collection shows them the way,” says project creator Aaron Cooper, Ph.D.

Strengthen your bond as you try these approaches with the children you love. We know there’s more than one path toward having a positive impact in a child’s life; culture, religion, geography and family values shape how adults interact with young people. Regardless of your approach, we hope you find value from our collection — and that you see it reflected in your relationship with the kids you love.

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