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Coordinator of Adolescent DBT Services quoted in The Washington Post

December 01, 2020

In a recent Washington Post article about strategies to try if remote learning is not going as planned, Sydney Dobkin, LCPC, Coordinator of Adolescent DBT Services, noted that Dialectical Behavior Therapy can benefit everyone. “The cornerstone of DBT is the idea of dialectics, which means two opposing ideas can both be true at same time.” For example, she might encourage a child to practice saying, “I don’t like remote school, and I can find ways to be successful.”

Dobkin suggested other tactics stemming from DBT, as well. “Mindfulness skills, such as nonjudgmental stance and staying focused, are the foundation to access other skills...One is effectiveness — also known as the ‘do-what-works skill.’ You do whatever is needed in the moment to best meet your goals.”

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