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The first and only Spanish language early morning news show in the Midwest

Maru Torres-Gregory, J.D., Ph.D., LMFT
• February 05, 2019

As a weekly guest, Maru Torres-Gregory, J.D., Ph.D., will appear in three- to four-minute segments every Tuesday to discuss relationship and family issues of interest to the Spanish-speaking community in the Chicago area.

Noticias Univision Chicago - Primera Hora is the first and only Spanish language early morning news show in the Midwest.

Past topics include:

Toxic masculinity and the Gillette commercial How to navigate a couple's argument Can you raise genderless children?Tips for couples Desensitization from mass violence Can you become addicted to porn? What can you do about it?How to talk to kids about the Momo Challenge How to recover from violent losses How to make love last Overparenting in light of the college admissions scandal The importance of family leisure time What can couples do when working different shifts? How to cope with the nostalgia of living far away from our loved ones The anti-vaccine controversy How to deal with student loan debt stress How to deal with the uncertainty of a missing loved oneHow to deal with the stress of being a working mother  Reasons why tragedies move a whole communityemotional impact of divorceDealing with news media violenceHow to manage potential addiction to screensTips for managing relationship challengesHow to talk to your kids about ICE operativesRetail Therapy How to deal with body stereotypes signs of sexual harassment Sunday Scaries InfidelityOpen Relationships Kids and school anxiety Adjusting to an empty nest Advocate for Your Child Addressing Bullying Addressing Teen Dating violence Balancing children's cultural identities Friendships and school performance 

Maru Torres-Gregory, J.D., Ph.D., LMFT

Teaching & Supervising Faculty, Marriage & Family Therapy Program

Dr. Torres-Gregory has extensive experience working with couples, adults, young adults, adolescents and families. In her practice, she assists clients struggling with individual and interpersonal issues arising from couple/marital distress, self-confidence, perfectionism, body image, disordered eating, self-harm, cultural differences, among others.