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It’s not uncommon for newlyweds to experience depression or loneliness

Erika Lawrence, Ph.D., LCP
• February 14, 2019

“One common reason why people feel depressed after getting married is because they spend most of their time, energy, and attention on planning for the wedding day rather than planning for the marriage,” says Erika Lawrence, Ph.D., Director of Translational Science at The Family Institute.

“Things often feel very anti-climactic after the wedding day is over, because that has been the focus for so long. Afterward, the couple is back to reality and their ‘normal lives,’ which can lead to a drop in mood,” she adds.

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Erika Lawrence, Ph.D., LCP

Director of Translational Science

Dr. Erika Lawrence is the Director of Translational Science at The Family Institute at Northwestern University, and is a professor and licensed clinical psychologist. She received her B.A. in Psychology at Emory University, and conducted research under the direction of Professor K. Daniel O'Leary at SUNY Stony Brook. She went on to complete and her M.A. and Ph.D.