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Overview of the Lab:

The Anxiety Research Lab sets out to further research on understanding and treating anxiety, stress reactions, and associated trauma. Our goals are two-fold: 1.) to utilize both qualitative and quantitative methods to explore multiple dimensions of anxiety (i.e., psychological, somatic, neurobiological); and 2.) to examine effective inclusive, and multiculturally-informed ways to intervene with clients, focusing on psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, and systemic approaches.


Current Project:

The Anxiety Research Lab is currently working on an article that explores specific phobias, exploring innovative ways to conceptualize and treat its symptoms and underlying issues. We hope to share our finding with the broader TFI community and submit publication consideration (Valerie Trewick as co-author).


Accomplishments for ARG (2022):

Mahoney, D., Hershman, M., Betsill, Christine. (2022) Intrusive Thoughts, Magical Thinking, and Fragmentation: A Psychoanalytic Reconsideration [Manuscript submitted for publication consideration]. Other/Wise: Publication for the International Forum in Psychoanalytic Education.

Mahoney, D. and Firas, M. (2022, December 2). Unwanted Intrusive Thoughts: A Self Psychological Reconsideration. [Lecture]. Presentation to Psychodynamic Student Group at the Family Institute at Northwestern, USA.

Donna Mahoney, Ph.D., LCPC

Interim Core Faculty, Counseling Program
Clinical Lecturer