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Why Marriage Is Healthy Except When It Isn't

Tamara Sher, Ph.D., LCP
• September 28, 2018

It has long been understood that there is a connection between long-term relationships and health. There is also a reciprocal relationship between marriage and health, where not only is marriage affected by illness, but the quality of marriage can actually influence the course of an illness.

Dr. Sher explains why it's important to include the spouse/intimate partner in both physical and mental health treatment of the ill spouse, and outlines the three primary ways that The Family Institute practices to intervene on individual issues at the couple level.

Tamara Sher, Ph.D., LCP

Core Faculty, Marriage & Family Therapy Program
Clinical Professor

Dr. Tamara Sher has been in the field of clinical psychology for over 25 years, in clinical practice as well as in various leadership positions.