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Learn how how a couple can confront depression as a team.

Lisa Gordon, Ph.D.
• March 18, 2022

Depression rates have tripled during the pandemic, and depression afflicts both individual and couple health. In the timely discussion below, Lisa Gordon, Ph.D. explores how depression intrudes into a relationship and how a couple can confront depression as a team. Whether you have identified clinical or low-grade depression in yourself or your partner, know that you are not alone.

Lisa Gordon, Ph.D.

Director, Postdoctoral Fellowship
Coordinator, Psychiatry Residents Program
Staff Therapist

Dr. Lisa Gordon is a seasoned clinician who specializes in treating anxiety and mood disorders, couple distress and the bidirectional relationships among these entities. Working within a cognitive-behavioral therapy framework, she strives to understand how automatic thoughts and harsh self-talk underlie individual and couple pain and dysfunction.