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Avoiding family drama during the holidays

As Thanksgiving approaches, listen to Jacob Goldsmith, Ph.D., in conversation with Bonds columnist from The Wall Street Journal, Elizabeth Bernstein, discussing how to avoid family drama during the holidays. Dr. Goldsmith provides tips on spending extended time with your family during the holidays, setting boundaries, communicating with emapthy and strategies to practice all year long. Read More

The Family Institute's "Marriage 101" class and graduate program featured in The Atlantic's cover story on "The Sex Recession"

In the December 2018 cover story of The Atlantic, Kate Julian writes about young people having less sex and "the sex recession." In her section on "hookup culture," Ms. Julian visits Dr. Alexandra Solomon's "Marriage 101" class for undergrads at Northwestern and describes a conversation with The Family Institute's graduate students. Read about The Sex Recession Read More

Jealousy hinders relationships and collaboration

In a Business Insider article, Jayne Kinsman, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, is quoted on how jealousy can impact your own happiness. Ms. Kinsman discusses jealousy making one become selfish, which can ruin romantic relationships and interfere with work performance, especially in collaborative work environments. Read How Your Jealousy is Sabotaging Your Happiness Read More

Dr. Jessica Rohlfing Pryor quoted on perfectionism

Jessica Rohlfing Pryor, Ph.D., was quoted in a variety of media outlets about the potential risks of maladaptive perfectionism in conjunction with an event on Northwestern's campus, #PerfectlyImperfectNU. Read More

Strategies about how to persuade someone to see a doctor

Nancy Burgoyne, Ph.D., licensed clinical psychologist and marriage and family therapist, was interviewed about how to persuade someone you love to see a doctor in Self. Dr. Burgoyne suggests strategies including leading with compassion (rather than guilt) and setting a good example through looking after your own health. Read "How to Persuade Someone You Love to See a Doctor"   Read More

Psychologist says revised policy on spanking could help parents choose other options

Aaron Cooper, Ph.D., Director of Child, Adolescent and Family Services at The Family Institute, commented on the revised policy on spanking announced by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Read More

When to break up with your therapist

"You should trust their judgment, their ethics, and their competency," Dr. Sher says. "You should feel understood. You should feel like a partner in your care." Read More

Dr. Heather Lofton gives advice about dating someone with depression

In this article in the Women's Health Magazine, Heather Lofton, Ph.D., acknowledges the difficulty of navigating a relationship with someone who is suffering from depression, but reassures that there are ways to make it work. Dr. Lofton emphasizes the importance of keeping a balance between being present and supportive for your partner and setting boundaries and taking care of yourself.  Read More

Counselor Educator and Researcher at The Family Institute Receives Prestigious NCACES Research Award

Eric Beeson, Ph.D., LCP, core faculty member in the Counseling@Northwestern program at The Family Institute, has recently been awarded the prestigious NCACES Research Award by the North Central Association for Counselor Education and Supervision.   Read More

APA Presents Awards to Psychologists at The Family Institute

The American Psychological Association is presenting awards this year to three psychologists at The Family Institute, Erika Lawrence, Gihane Jérémie-Brink and Anthony Chambers, in recognition of excellence in research, scholarship and service to the field. Read More

Challenges in postdoctoral training in couples and family psychology

Anthony Chambers and Danielle Black co-authored an article about difficulties of training at the postdoctoral level in the July 2018 issue of The Family Psychologist. Read More

Proof of Impact

The field of behavioral health is, in many ways, playing catch up to the rest of healthcare when it comes to tracking and reporting outcome measures. The Family Institute continues to take a leadership role in the movement toward evidence-based care and through the strength of our scientist-practitioner model. Read More