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What psychologists do to overcome their "crappiest" days

Everyone has bad days sometimes. That even includes people trained to help others manage their own bad days (and mental health in general). Read this article on for insights into how psychologists get through a crappy day, including tips from Nancy Burgoyne, Ph.D., chief clinical officer at The Family Institute. Read article Read More

Signs that you're in a controlling relationship

"A lot of signs of a controlling partner can be highly romanticized in the beginning of the relationship," says Heather Lofton, Ph.D., therapist at The Family Institute, "one of my biggest concerns is how gray some of these things can be until you're a year into a relationship, which can be difficult to sort through and leave." Read More

Mental health tips for women from The Family Institute's female therapists

"This year's campaign theme for International Women's Day is #BalanceforBetter and individuals are pulling together to promote a gender-balanced world, including the phenomenal female therapists at The Family Institute at Northwestern University who hope to spread awareness about the importance of women's mental health," writes Community Writer Connie Liou.  Read More

Education Luncheon Kicks off a Year of Celebrating Our 50th Anniversary

The Family Institute's annual Education Luncheon took place on February 25 in downtown Chicago, and was a wonderful way to kick off the celebration of our 50 years leading in the behavioral health space through research, education and clinical practice.  This year's event hosted more than 80 students, faculty, alumni, board members and donors. During the program, students shared about their experiences and visions for how they will apply their degree once they graduate. Read More

How marriage impacts couples' mental and physical health

"The marriage benefit describes the fact that married adults live longer, rate their health better and report fewer chronic conditions and functional limitations compared to their non-married counterparts. And, this is specific to marriage," says Tamara Goldman Sher, Ph.D., licensed clinical psychologist and core faculty member of the Marriage and Family Therapy program. Read More

Progressive Approach Positions The Family Institute at the Forefront of Behavioral Health

CHICAGO – March 4, 2019 – January 1 officially ushered in The Family Institute at Northwestern University's 50th year of strengthening and healing families, couples, children and individuals from all walks of life through a high-quality system of results-oriented care. Read More

When rumination is and is not healthy

According to Jacob Goldsmith, Ph.D., thinking about embarrassing moments in the past is a normal part of how we function. It actually helps us identify opportunities for self-improvement and change our behaviors.  But this habit becomes problematic when it's all-consuming and is "part of a pervasive pattern of negative thoughts about self, [and] anxiety about the past or future. Or, when it causes significant distress and interferes with day-to-day life," says Dr. Goldsmith… Read More

Signs that you should seek out couples therapy

In this article on Bustle, Anthony Chambers, Ph.D., ABPP, discusses the signs that you and your partner could benefit from seeing a couples therapist. He identifies feelings of resentment, constant fighting, a sense of growing distance and absence of intimacy as warning signs of an unhealthy relationship.  Read More

Dr. Erika Lawrence quoted on newlyweds' depression

"One common reason why people feel depressed after getting married is because they spend most of their time, energy, and attention on planning for the wedding day rather than planning for the marriage," says Erika Lawrence, Ph.D., Director of Translational Science at The Family Institute. Read More

Dr. Maru Torres-Gregory is weekly guest on Noticias Univision Chicago - Primera Hora

As a weekly guest, Maru Torres-Gregory, J.D., Ph.D., will appear in three- to four-minute segments every Tuesday to discuss relationship and family issues of interest to the Spanish-speaking community in the Chicago area. Read More

Dr. Anthony Chambers provides tips for strengthening your relationship

In speaking with Business Insider, Anthony Chambers, Ph.D., ABPP, shares a few relationship tips to help couples strengthen their bond in 2019.  One of the most vital steps in improving your relationship is by focusing on your role as an individual, Dr. Chambers said. It's essential to concentrate on what you can do to change, not on what you can do to change your partner, he explained. Ultimately, the only person you have the ability to change is yourself. Read More

How to start and sustain a healthy lifestyle in the new year

In this Chicago Tribune article, Jacob Goldsmith, Ph.D., Licensed Clinical Psychologist, offers insights on how to improve your mental health in the new year. Some of his advice includes spending time on self-focus to figure out what you want and keeping a balance with your social life. The article appeared in both the online and print versions of the Chicago Tribune. Read More