Dr. Lynne Knobloch-Fedders is a licensed clinical psychologist at The Family Institute at Northwestern University and Clinical Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology at Northwestern University.

Dr. Knobloch-Fedders graduated with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and theology from Marquette University. She received her doctorate in clinical psychology from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, after completing her clinical internship at the University of Notre Dame’s counseling center. She completed the Dr. John J.B. Morgan Postdoctoral Research Fellowship at The Family Institute, specializing in psychotherapy research and applied clinical research with couples and families. She served as The Family Institute’s Director of Research and Kovler Scholar from 2010-2015.

Dr. Knobloch-Fedders’ clinical research program encompasses three primary areas of inquiry.

The first examines the associations between couples’ interpersonal behavior, relationship distress, and individual psychopathology, with a particular emphasis on the ways in which these factors predict treatment process and outcome in couple psychotherapy. In 2004, she received the Randy Gerson Memorial Research Award from the American Psychological Foundation to study the impact of depression and anxiety in couples. Read more about Dr. Knobloch-Fedders’ research on depression, anxiety, relationship distress and couples.

A second line of Dr. Knobloch-Fedders’ work explores the adjustment of military couples in response to combat-related trauma. Two major projects comprise this effort. The first, a collaboration with researchers at the University of Illinois and the University of California at Los Angeles, has resulted in a four-year, $834,061 research grant awarded by the U.S. Department of Defense (U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command; USAMRMC) designed to investigate factors that predict how well military couples adjust to reunion after a service member returns home from deployment. The goal of this project is to evaluate how people’s mental health symptoms and intimate relationship characteristics predict difficulty with reintegration following deployment. Results from this project are being used to generate research-based guidelines to inform the curriculum and timing of education, prevention, and intervention efforts designed to assist military couples throughout the country.

A second project explores the psychological and relational impacts of PTSD among military couples. This study, which evaluates the interpersonal mechanisms through which PTSD and couple discord confer risk for psychological and physical problems, was supported by the 2014 Member / Affiliate Member Research Grant Award given to Dr. Knobloch-Fedders through the American Psychological Association’s Division 19 (Society of Military Psychology). Read more about Dr. Knobloch-Fedders’ research on military couples.

A final line of Dr. Knobloch-Fedders’ research is devoted to understanding the factors associated with successful treatment response in systemically-oriented individual, couple, and family psychotherapy. Results from this work are being used to help practicing psychologists enhance the efficacy of their interventions, as well as assist research psychologists in their efforts to refine and test more effective treatment protocols.

Dr. Knobloch-Fedders has served as an advisory editor of Family Process since 2008. She is also incoming Associate Editor for Psychotherapy Research, an international, multidisciplinary academic journal devoted to all aspects of psychotherapy research, from process to outcomes, service evaluation, and training.

Dr. Knobloch-Fedders’ research has been published in academic journals such as the Journal of Family Psychology, Journal of Counseling Psychology, Family Process, Journal of Clinical Psychology, Psychotherapy Research, Journal of Marital and Family Therapy, Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, and Communication Monographs.

Dr. Knobloch-Fedders treats individual adults, couples, and families.

Clinical Interests: Premarital counseling; couples therapy; depression and anxiety disorders; infertility and adoption; life-stage transitions; transition to parenthood; work-life balance

Family Institute Locations: Evanston, Northbrook

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