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Your Mental Health Matters.

When you are ready to seek the help you need, we are here for you.

The Family Institute has helped my family for many years. It is the first place I would recommend for counseling and therapy.

I truly appreciate The Family Institute’s commitment to taking care of its staff and patients through implementing online therapy. I am also inspired by their commitment to providing affordable mental healthcare to families throughout the Chicago area, and I recommend their services to anyone looking for a mental health provider.

My son has received respectful, high quality services that have supported his development and emotional maturity during his adolescence. I am so grateful to our therapist for everything he’s done for our family.

I appreciate the diversity of therapists — I was able to find a Black woman therapist for both my individual and couples’ therapy sessions.

The Family Institute has been our family’s mental health savior! I went with my kids when they were little and we had some big changes in our family. Then, revisited the program two years ago for my daughter when she was having challenges. Just finished a six-month “tweaking” of our 30-year marriage. All of these experiences have been so positive, so healing and with great results. It’s hard work to look into ourselves and our own role in these relationships, but your staff has been wonderful, accommodating and the un-emotional third party that we needed to get the train back on the tracks!

I was able to answer questions I had for a lifetime about myself and my family through therapy. I’m very grateful for the care I received at The Family Institute.

Our Commitment to Equality

We believe in equality and justice not only for the greater good, but specifically because our clients, students, providers and staff deserve to see themselves reflected in each other.

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Our Commitment to Privacy

We take your privacy and security very seriously. We ensure the highest level of protection for our clients through continuous monitoring of security and privacy practices.

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When You Work With One of Us, You Work With All of Us

We bring together the right partners to support children, adults, couples and families across the lifespan. As researchers, educators and therapists, we work with our clients and Partner to See Change.

You are a critical collaborator in your care. We practice measurement-informed care to better connect with you and talk about your symptoms and therapy progress. Your self-reported measures at intake and over the course of therapy inform care decisions and treatment planning.

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Providing Care for Our Community

Through the Bette D. Harris Family & Child Clinic, we train the next generation of therapists and provide therapy services to children, couples & individuals regardless of the ability to pay.

In light of the current health and economic circumstances, we are waiving all fees for clients of the Clinic. With the very real economic consequences of the pandemic on families, we do not want there to be any cost barrier that prevents clients from seeking the mental healthcare they need.

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Give to The Family Institute

Our ability to conduct and disseminate relationship-based behavioral health research, provide a world-class education for the future leaders of behavioral healthcare and serve children, adults, couples and families regardless of ability to pay, is made possible, in part, by gifts and grants from individuals, families and foundations. Your contribution helps us positively impact families and our overall population's whole health. The Family Institute is an independent, not-for-profit organization.