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Relational Self-Awareness: The Key to Navigating Modern Love

Alexandra Solomon, licensed clinical psychologist at The Family Institute and clinical assistant professor in the Department of Psychology at Northwestern University, delivers a TEDx Talk on the topic “Relational Self-Awareness: The Key to Navigating Modern Love.” She discusses how modern romantic relationships are not “plug and play” as they were for our grandparents. In her talk, she explores how cultural shifts shape what we want and need from partners and how relational…

Anxiety and Your Brain on Therapy | Facebook Live

This episode of Let's Talk features The Family Institute psychiatrist Smita Gautam, M.D., and president and CEO Jana Jones, in conversation about “Anxiety and Your Brain on Therapy.”

Trends, Treatment and Triumph in Multicultural Female Professionalism | Webinar

This webinar explores race/ethnicity, LGBTQA, marriage, motherhood, and singledom and the effects on the female profession, mental health and relationships. It also looks at current trends and treatments. 

The Transition to College and the Launch of Emerging Adults | Facebook Live

This episode of Let’s Talk sits down with Jana Jones and Dr. Jacob Goldsmith, who chat about what parents and emerging adults experience during the transition to college, what goes into building a strong relationship through the transition, techniques and guidelines for improving communication and more.

Working with Sexual Minorities & the Journeys They Take | Facebook Live

In June's Facebook Live episode, Jana Jones, President and Chief Executive Officer of The Family Institute, and Casey Gamboni, Ph.D., LMFT, a licensed marriage and family therapist at The Family Institute, sat down to chat about the mental health struggles of LGBTQ individuals navigating their identities and relationships.

How Your Child Can Benefit from Testing at Any Age | Webinar

This webinar addresses the questions you may have about your child and how neuro-psychological assessment testing can help. Problems may be related to learning, attention, anxiety/depression, social interaction, communication and how they get along with others. Testing is invaluable as a tool to both identify the issue and recommend effective solutions – solutions that are customized to the child’s and parents’ needs.

Loving Someone with A Mental Illness | Facebook Live

In The Family Institute's May livestream, also in recognition of Mental Health Awareness Month, we discussed how to love someone with a mental illness and support them without overstepping boundaries or sacrificing your own mental well-being.

Why Are Teens Experiencing So Much Anxiety? | Facebook Live

The Family Institute's April livestream features Incia A. Rashid, M.A., NCC, LPC, professional counselor, and Neil Venketramen, M.S., LMFT, marriage and family therapist at The Family Institute, in conversation about the rise of anxiety disorders among children and teens. They also provide tips for parents to help their kids cope with anxiety.