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A Career Change into Couples Therapy | Podcast

Emily Klear '12 MS started her career in corporate America at Coca Cola selling fountain soda in the Bay Area. Klear went back to school for her Master's in Marital and Family Therapy after a few very challenging personal experiences made her want to help couples through traumatic events and tough relationship situations. Klear changed industries and quickly advanced her career to become the Director of Couples Services at The Family Institute at Northwestern University…

Let's Talk: Family of Origin | Podcast

In this podcast episode, Neil Venketramen, staff therapist at The Family Institute, interviews Dr. Linda Rubinowitz, our senior therapist and assistant clinical professor of Psychology who has been on the teaching and clinical supervision faculty at Northwestern University, and specifically The Family Institute, for 27 years. Dr. Rubinowitz explains how one's family of origin and early experiences affect their current relationship challenges, and emphasizes the importance of…

Let's Talk: Couples Therapy | Podcast

In this podcast episode, Neil Venketramen, staff therapist at The Family Institute, interviews Dr. Cheryl Rampage, our senior academic and clinical advisor and clinical associate advisor who has more than three decades of experience treating individuals, couples and families. Dr. Rampage addresses the misconceptions that many couples have about the experience of "being in love," and explores what the partners themselves or couples therapy can do to rekindle the intimacy and…

Mindfulness & Self Care for Busy Professionals | Webinar

Many find that the beginning of summer offers an opportunity to slow the hectic pace of professional life down, at least a bit. Whether your pace will slow down or not, this time of year can provide an opportunity to do some self-care and start some healthier habits. This webinar will cover some of the ever expanding theory and research on mindfulness, and teach experiential exercises for use in daily life to help reduce stress, live more fully, and improve clarity of…

Let's Talk: Reproductive Psychiatry | Podcast

Nikki Lively interviews Dr. Kara Driscoll, reproductive psychiatrist and founder of The Allegro Center, LLC in Chicago. Dr. Driscoll explores common myths and fears surrounding the use of psychotropic medications while pregnant and breastfeeding and the role of hormones in women's moods in the postpartum period.

Let's Talk: Postpartum Depression | Podcast

Nikki Lively interviews Kristina Cowan, journalist and author of the book, When Postpartum Packs a Punch: Fighting Back and Finding Joy. Ms. Cowan shares insights from her experience with postpartum depression and anxiety.

Let's Talk: Maternal Mental Health & Women of Color | Podcast

In this episode of Let's Talk, Nikki Lively interviews LaShonta Edwards. Ms. Edwards is the Founder and Executive Director of A Mother's Sanctuary in Houston, TX as well as a doula, educator and advocate for maternal mental health. In this interview, Ms.

Creating and Maintaining Intimacy in a Long-Term Romantic Relationship | Webinar

Love takes work. We know that to be true, yet with the demands of kids, jobs, volunteer work, and family, it is all too easy to put our romantic relationships on the back burner. In this webinar, Dr. Alexandra H. Solomon will discuss what it takes to nurture emotional and sexual intimacy in a long-term relationship. Dr.