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Let's Talk: On Being a Father | Podcast

Nikki Lively, Clinical Director of the Transitions to Parenthood program, speaks with Adam, father of two, about his experience becoming a father for the first time, and beyond. 

Let's Talk: Becoming a Mother | Podcast

In this episode of Let's Talk, Nikki Lively, Clinical Director of the Transitions to Parenthood program, interviews a first time mother about her experiences in the transition to motherhood. They speak candidly about the real emotions that come up in this transition and explore themes of motherhood from the New York Times article, "

Retirement: What You Should Know and Financial Comfort Won’t Settle | Webinar

We are living longer than ever; and more of this time is spent after our primary career or focus of effort is over. In this discussion, we covered the key personal and emotional components that predict successful aging. Recent research and evolving understanding was presented to facilitate preparation for this important life stage. The NAA was delighted to collaborate on this webinar with The Family Institute at Northwestern University.

Embracing Pluralism: The Future of Relationships | TEDxRushU

With marriage rates on the decline in the US and abroad, what does the future of romantic relationship look like? Rather than predicting the death of marriage, Dr. Goldsmith talks about the rise of pluralism; the idea that there is more than one right way of doing relationships. Considering the history of relationships as well as present trends, Dr. Goldsmith discusses pluralism as a way of reducing stigma and increasing personal responsibility in defining the kind of…